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Do you have another part of the ‘as a mother’ story to post?

I don’t, unfortunately. And just as I was getting into the groove of having a story to post for Sunday. I do have more but I’d like to finish that one before starting on others.

But I did just answer some more questions, in addition to the big bunch posted yesterday. It’s not a story but if you’re bored, at least you have something to read, I guess.

Hey, I'm the guy who doesn't follow because I share my blog with my gf. As it happens, I did tell her about my kink because I don't want to hide things from her. She does not share my kink, but she did not get upset or anything so I'm okay w/ that :)

Awesome. Glad to hear it went okay.

"Does it count if it’s only inside the confines of our garage?" See, now, this sounds like an interesting scenario to elaborate on!

I just meant that it’s never happened outside our house. We’ve fooled around in both of our cars, but only when they’re parked in the garage. With the garage door closed.

Re the multiple moms fantasy storyline : hi again, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to trouble you again, but I just find this theme so wonderfully erotuc. Maybe I should have been more specific before - how many couples do you imagine there to be in the group? who do you imagine the instructor to be? what positions do you imagine? I guess one couple might be asked to demonstrate a new position? Thanks for your time and keep up the good work :)

If you didn’t catch it before, this question is in reference to a story idea I talked about during a recent Q&A post.

I’d probably say 10-15 couples in the class. The instructor would just be portrayed like any ordinary yoga teacher as to not give away the twist. One couple would be doing missionary, another doggie, one mom would be on top riding, one would be bouncing reverse cowgirl style. The way I imagined it was like a freestyle portion where every couple did their own thing, working on whatever position they wanted to get perfected.

Having a couple demonstrate in front of the class is good, I never thought of that.

I need a mommy (: ;*

Well, I hope you find one.

i recently came home from college and the first thing i noticed was all my dads stuff was gone(parents got divorced) and the second was my high school football jersey was missing from my closet, nothing huge mind you but it was strange, about a week later my mom asked if id watch the dogs for here while she went out of town on business, so i said yes, and this morning while i was trying to find where he ran off to i found my jersey under my moms bed in a box with her dildo, what should i do?

I don’t know. Obviously you’d like to know why she had it, but asking her could be tricky since I’d assume you don’t want to embarrass her. Maybe just ask her if she knows where the jersey is. If she admits having it, ask her why she had it. See what she tells you.

Maybe then you can let it slip that you knew where it was and what was in the box with it. Say you weren’t mad about it, just curious. Or “intrigued”. Then see what she says.

Back in November you posted about a young man that decided that he was going to have his way with his JJ-cup sized mother, buttering her up over Thanksgiving with the intent of having sex with her over his Christmas break, but unexpectedly, things went his way a lot quicker. The story is amazing! You said that you have more details about it that you would post later if someone reminded you. How about telling us about those details? Can he write a more descriptive story about the encounters?

The details I mentioned weren’t about the story itself, it was just about how I ended up getting the story. Ages ago someone sent in a comment that, in his opinion/experience, it was easy to talk an overweight mom into having sex. That generated some interesting responses. Mostly “fuck you” at the idea that a woman would be easy simply because she was bigger, like that was the only thing that determined her self confidence.

The guy who wrote that story wrote into say his mom was plump, it actually had been rather easy to talk her into it, but he didn’t think her weight had anything to do with it. And that’s how I ended up getting that story. Some other guys wrote in with similar comments and I was thinking I’d have several such stories to share. So I held off posting the Thanksgiving one, thinking I’d post it with the others.

But only that one story ever panned out. And I ended up holding onto it for several months since it made such a good post for Thanksgiving.

That’s all it was. I haven’t heard from the guy who wrote it since I posted it. If he wants to write something more detailed, he can certainly feel free.

Another summer job post.

Reader Questions - July 19th

Here we have a veritable smorgasbord of questions. Like over 40.

The mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There’s never a letup, it’s relentless. Every day it piles up more and more and more, and you gotta get it out but the more you get out, the more keeps coming in! And then the bar code reader breaks! AND IT’S PUBLISHER’S CLEARINGHOUSE DAY!

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It’s funny… I always thought Mom would be mad if she ever found all the incest porn on my computer.

Reader Story: As A Mother, As A Woman (Chapter 2)

The story we started last Sunday continues. If you missed the beginning, go catch up on Part One. Then come on back for the next chapter.


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A reader writes:

you have lots of posts from girls saying their scared to tell their daddies how they feel. girls, you don’t need to say a word! go into his room. make sure he’s watching you. take off your clothes and get in his bed! trust me, he will get the hint. it worked like a charm for me :)

You know… I can see how this strategy might be successful.

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmy mom is hontttttttt lovky you blog, big fank 4 real

At the end of a long day, shouldn’t every mom be greeted this way when she gets home? I certainly think so.

Reader Story: As A Mother, As A Woman (Chapter 1)

Here’s a story for Sunday, as submitted by its author Snizzlefit. It’s a mom-son story… but maybe with a brother-sister element too. Perhaps that will come into play later. By “Chapter 1” I’m assuming we’ll see more, although I don’t know that for sure.

Still, the story doesn’t leave you hanging. And it makes you want to see what’s next. Always a good combo, I say.


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