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Happy Anniversary!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!
Happy Happy Happy Happy—

Good for you if you know that reference. Today, yes today, is the TWO YEAR anniversary of this tumblr! So… you know. I thought I’d write a little bit about it. Most notably an update of sorts on recent developments in my personal situation, if that interests you at all.

(Yes, this means there’s no porn today. Sorry.)

Ready? Let’s go!

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"Blackmail" by Johnny Fever

Oh, summer. If only you didn’t have to end.

"M.S. Photography" by Johnny Fever.

As you can see in the final panel, it says “to be continued”. Unfortunately, this is the only one I know of that ever got posted. So there’s nothing more to come, at least not until more Johnny Fever stuff hopefully surfaces one day. And hopefully soon because I’m running out.

But I liked the premise, so I thought I’d post it anyway.

Reader Questions - August 28th

It’s time for another batch of questions. I wouldn’t say these are “clean” ones exactly, but these aren’t the dirty ones. Those will come next week.

You know, hopefully the formatting all works correctly, because I won’t be here to fix it for a couple weeks. Sometimes it shows up fine in the drafts but when it’s posted things are all screwy. Fingers crossed!

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Companion gifs for the comic “The Helpful Teacher” posted here and here.

"Getting Even" by Johnny Fever

So long. Farewell.

Well, I’m outta here for a while. Not that you’ll notice I’m gone, what with the TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS OF DAILY UPDATES starting 9am eastern time tomorrow!

What will you get, you ask? Well, let’s see. There will be gifs! Comics! Reader questions! Dirty reader questions! A special blog-anniversary life update post. And at long last, a brand new story in the Above & Beyond series!

Please note: I won’t be around to reply to messages until sometime around September 10th or so. And the source list won’t be updated over these two weeks either.

I think that’s about everything. BYE!

Can i get a kik shoutout to moms dads bros sisters uncles n aunts

I want a mommy kik me @nicocf2110

Hey! I’m an 18 year old guy, looking for a mom to RP with. If you’re a woman, and you wanna try it, Kik me @ RavennSkyy !

Last kik shoutouts before I go. If I’ve shouted out yours and you’re chatting it up with people, please take a moment sometime during the next two weeks and let me know. Because nobody’s told me they are. And if nobody’s chatting then this will be the last one I do.


I wanted to let you know that there’s probably not going to be much posted this week, as I get everything ready for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS OF DAILY UPDATES starting Monday.

And while I’m here, I thought I’d point out that it was exactly one year ago today that this all happened. I know it’s a cliche but I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I remember it like it just happened yesterday.

Just a suggestion: make gifs where people have sex more slowly. Lately they are fucking like rabbits and, you know, its just tiring.

What if I take gifs of fast sex and just slow them down?


LOL at the Steve Austin gif!! Do you have a favourite wrestler?

Not really. I watched it some when I was a kid. I think the big guys at the time were The Rock and Triple H. I liked The Rock. But even though Triple H was the bad guy I kinda liked him too because he had this girl Stephanie with him. I thought she was pretty cute. I remember once she ended up with her shirt off and was in her bra. That was quite a moment for young me.

Then there was another girl, I think Trish. She was blonde and had the biggest roundest boobs I ever saw. Up to that point anyway. They were like big round balls ready to pop out of her top at all times. I’d probably nominate her as my favorite wrestler.

Once upon a time my mum was washing our dog in the back yard. When she came inside she looked like she had just been in a wet tee shirt contest. White shirt, no bra, soaken wet. I could see everything. Her big tits with pepparoni sized nipples. I couldn’t look away. I stood there gawking like a fool with my eyes locked right on her tits. She was oblivious at first. Then she saw me staring and looked down at herself. She made a yelp of surprise and covered herself with her arms. Then she punched me in the shoulder and said “You’re such a shit!” as she stormed off to change.

I apologized a little while later and by then she could laugh about it. She apologized back for overreacting. We never talked of it again but I’ve jerked it so many times to that memory. I imagine most guys have a memory like that of our mums where we got to see more than we should.

God bless all the mums out there who don’t hold it against us.

Preach, my brother.