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nahright09 submitted:

love the blog…a friend of mine has supplied me with his first two experiences and i’ve posted them with his permission on my site.  I hope you get a chance to check them out

I will definitely check ‘em out. As will others, I’m sure. Thanks for the links.

Is that Monica sweetheart?

I’m not sure who you mean, but no, it’s not. I’ve never used her in anything. Although I really should.

And this gives me a chance to remind everyone that there’s a source list where all your “who’s that?” or “where’s that from?” questions are answered.

Could you give my kik a shoutout please it's Groovy_Ian


Just throwing that out there, I would like to find a mommy with your help. 📱 kik: Raichub (already tried contacting Marytrme. In a case you direct me that way.)

Hear that, mommies? This guy’s looking for you.

The mom in the comic I just posted…

I’m a big fan of her. She has a really great mom body, but I’ve hardly ever used her in gifs (I think just once) because she doesn’t look like a mom to me. Facially, I mean. Especially if you also see the face of the guy she’s working with. She just doesn’t look old enough and I think that sense of believability is important.

So I like that comic because it uses her in a dream/flashback scenario. She’s supposed to look younger. It works in that context.

But what do you think? Does she pass as a mom to you? Hit up the ol’ ask box and let me know. If people think she’s mamalicious, I’ll probably use her more often.

Sweet Dreams by Johnny Fever (Part 1 of 2)

Sweet Dreams by Johnny Fever (Part 2 of 2)

Reader Story: As A Mother, As A Woman (Chapter 3)

The saga continues. Actually, I suppose this could be the end. I’m not sure. I guess we’ll find out.

Thanks again to Snizzlefit for sending in his story. Catch up on part one and part two and then continue on ahead.


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clowns4balloons submits:

I recently started taking random pictures from the Internet and adding incest-themed captions to them.  I have over a hundred so far.  I would appreciate your input if you ever get the time.  Please pass on my blog to others.

They look good to me.

Hey there! Is anyone understated in being my little boy? I promise I'll be the best mommy you've ever had. I know how to make my boys happy. Message or take a look at my blog. Kik: martytme

Hopefully this guy is reading.

Do you have another part of the ‘as a mother’ story to post?

I don’t, unfortunately. And just as I was getting into the groove of having a story to post for Sunday. I do have more but I’d like to finish that one before starting on others.

But I did just answer some more questions, in addition to the big bunch posted yesterday. It’s not a story but if you’re bored, at least you have something to read, I guess.

Hey, I'm the guy who doesn't follow because I share my blog with my gf. As it happens, I did tell her about my kink because I don't want to hide things from her. She does not share my kink, but she did not get upset or anything so I'm okay w/ that :)

Awesome. Glad to hear it went okay.

"Does it count if it’s only inside the confines of our garage?" See, now, this sounds like an interesting scenario to elaborate on!

I just meant that it’s never happened outside our house. We’ve fooled around in both of our cars, but only when they’re parked in the garage. With the garage door closed.

Re the multiple moms fantasy storyline : hi again, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to trouble you again, but I just find this theme so wonderfully erotuc. Maybe I should have been more specific before - how many couples do you imagine there to be in the group? who do you imagine the instructor to be? what positions do you imagine? I guess one couple might be asked to demonstrate a new position? Thanks for your time and keep up the good work :)

If you didn’t catch it before, this question is in reference to a story idea I talked about during a recent Q&A post.

I’d probably say 10-15 couples in the class. The instructor would just be portrayed like any ordinary yoga teacher as to not give away the twist. One couple would be doing missionary, another doggie, one mom would be on top riding, one would be bouncing reverse cowgirl style. The way I imagined it was like a freestyle portion where every couple did their own thing, working on whatever position they wanted to get perfected.

Having a couple demonstrate in front of the class is good, I never thought of that.