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Reader Story #9: The Maid Uniform

Many of you have reminded me that I haven’t posted any reader stories in a while. And a few of you have specifically asked if I’ve been sent any stories of this nature. It’s a little different than others I’ve posted — it’s a mom/son story, but the maid uniform in question might not be getting worn by the one you’d think.

If that sounds intriguing, this might be right up your alley.


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Thank you for adding the source video post. It's really helpful. Could I make a related request? Periodically you do shoutouts to other incest tumblrs and provide the links. Is there a master list of all the other incest tumblrs that fans of this one have provided? It's hard to search through all the posts to find them. Thanks!

I don’t have a list of ones I’ve shouted out to, but there’s a big list of them here:

Are you willing to give a shout out for a brand new blog? Wanna get this thing up and running


hey whats the name of that mom in the last gifs you posted, the one with the huge fake tittays???

I continue to get these questions, so this is just a reminder to everyone that there’s now a source list where all such queries are answered.

A note about the source list

First, this is just a mention that there’s a new set of gifs AND a post full of reader questions below this. I know! What is this, Christmas?!

But I just wanted to mention something right quick about the source list. A lot of times I’ll use the post queue to have something post when I’m not around, and when that happens I won’t be around to update the source list right away. So if you ever see a new post and there’s nothing new on the list yet, just know that I’ll get it updated as soon as I can.

I forgot to mention that before, so just letting you know.

Part 1 of 2.

Part 2 of 2.

Reader Questions

As I mentioned before, I thought I’d try answering all the questions in one post for a change. It won’t clutter up the blog or anyone’s dashboard this way. And if people don’t care, they don’t have to read it.

Hopefully the formatting works okay.

Onward we go.

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A while back I said I’d do some gifs about a guy watching his mom in action. Most of the feedback I got was in support of something along the lines of watching or spying, but there was some support for a forced-to-watch cuckold type scenario too. I’ll try to do one like that as well.