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Reader Story #9: The Maid Uniform

Many of you have reminded me that I haven’t posted any reader stories in a while. And a few of you have specifically asked if I’ve been sent any stories of this nature. It’s a little different than others I’ve posted — it’s a mom/son story, but the maid uniform in question might not be getting worn by the one you’d think.

If that sounds intriguing, this might be right up your alley.


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Thank you for adding the source video post. It's really helpful. Could I make a related request? Periodically you do shoutouts to other incest tumblrs and provide the links. Is there a master list of all the other incest tumblrs that fans of this one have provided? It's hard to search through all the posts to find them. Thanks!

I don’t have a list of ones I’ve shouted out to, but there’s a big list of them here:

Are you willing to give a shout out for a brand new blog? Wanna get this thing up and running


hey whats the name of that mom in the last gifs you posted, the one with the huge fake tittays???

I continue to get these questions, so this is just a reminder to everyone that there’s now a source list where all such queries are answered.

A note about the source list

First, this is just a mention that there’s a new set of gifs AND a post full of reader questions below this. I know! What is this, Christmas?!

But I just wanted to mention something right quick about the source list. A lot of times I’ll use the post queue to have something post when I’m not around, and when that happens I won’t be around to update the source list right away. So if you ever see a new post and there’s nothing new on the list yet, just know that I’ll get it updated as soon as I can.

I forgot to mention that before, so just letting you know.

Part 1 of 2.

Part 2 of 2.

Reader Questions

As I mentioned before, I thought I’d try answering all the questions in one post for a change. It won’t clutter up the blog or anyone’s dashboard this way. And if people don’t care, they don’t have to read it.

Hopefully the formatting works okay.

Onward we go.

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A while back I said I’d do some gifs about a guy watching his mom in action. Most of the feedback I got was in support of something along the lines of watching or spying, but there was some support for a forced-to-watch cuckold type scenario too. I’ll try to do one like that as well.

Source Material

A little while after I started this blog, I asked if people wanted me to identify the sources of the gifs I was making. The name of the girl, the movie it was from, that sort of thing.

Rather overwhelmingly, the answer was no. That seeing the gif, getting into the storyline of it, and then reading “This is Busty Betty from Fucking My Secretary Vol. 47” took them out of the fantasy. It hurt the suspension of disbelief. Which I fully understood.

I’ve always had a policy that people can message me and ask the name of the person or movie from a particular post. But following the result of that poll I took, I’ve never posted that info on the blog. As of today, that is no longer the case.

This post contains the sources of as many of the posts on this blog as several helpful readers and I have been able to identify. I’d say 99% of the stuff I’ve made is identified. Less so with the Johnny Fever content, particularly the single-image caption shots. The chances of knowing who those women are or where the pictures are from is pretty slim.

But from now on, all such information will be contained in this post. Every time I post a new gif set or comic or what have you, I will update this post and add the source info (if I know it) to the top of the list. That way, if you want to know someone’s name or where something came from, you can. And those who didn’t want that information ruining the fantasy will never have to see it.

The one exception to my update rule will be with companion gifs. Prior to this, the previous post on the blog was of companion gifs for the comic “The Hotmother”. But as I post this, those gifs are not at the top of this list. Companion gifs will be added as links alongside the comic they’re from. “The Hotmother” was the first comic I ever posted, so those gifs are linked way down towards the bottom.

If you see a set of companion gifs and you want to know where they’re from, you can pull up this source list, search the page for the name of the comic (with Ctrl-F or whatever), and you’ll find the info.

This post is tagged with #sources and it will be the only post here with that tag. When you want to access the list, just look at the tag cloud on the right-hand side of the blog and click the “sources” tag. Or if you think you’ll be checking it a lot, you can obviously bookmark the page or something along those lines.

If a source is listed in quotation marks, it’s the name of a movie. If there’s no quotes, it’s a web site.

And if there’s a new post up but nothing new added to the list, I probably used the posting queue and I’m not around to update this yet. I will get to it as soon as I can.

Here is the list…

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