Their Own Moms

I was once planning to do a whole theme of these, where sons getting caught leads to good things. Not sure why I didn’t. But this was one of them.

Above and Beyond: Update

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for updates on the “Getting Mom To Watch" story slash interview. You know, the thing about the guy who… got his mom to watch. Self explanatory, really.

Anyway, as promised, here’s the latest. The original was current as of mid-August, so this covers what’s gone on over the two months since then.


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There’s a blog with the url ****** reposting your posts

By “reposting” the writer meant that, rather than just reblogging a post, someone is saving the images from this blog and uploading them to their own blog. That tends to be seen as poor etiquette on tumblr, as it creates the impression you’re passing off content from another blog as your own.

I appreciate the heads up, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Which means there’s no point in me even worrying about it. And even if there was something I could do, there are so many places doing it that trying to prevent it would take up too much of my time. Some people have even showed me a place (not on tumblr) that a guy actually named “Their Own Moms” so he can pass off everything here like it’s his own. Really? Really?

That example aside, when other tumblr blogs do it I tend to think it’s not being done maliciously. I mean, maybe I’m naive, but there’s text saying the name of this blog on every image. They’re not fooling anybody. So I just assume they haven’t learned how to reblog posts they like.

But in the event it’s not an innocent mistake, I removed the name of the blog from the message. I’m not gonna send a bunch of people their way.

Your latest gif is about rape.

These gifs would be the ones in question. They weren’t intended to be about rape, just about the mom’s reluctance/guilt over the acts they’re committing.

The idea in my head was that she was a fully willing participant, but felt the need to offer some degree of resistance first. Perhaps to relieve her own guilt, so that she could tell herself “Hey, at least I tried”. Or perhaps just to prevent her son from knowing how much she enjoyed it.

do you think asking my mom for some sexy fun would really work

I don’t know her or what your relationship with her is like, so I couldn’t say. But generally speaking, if you were to just randomly go up and ask her, I would tend to think the odds of it working might not be that great.

Blown of version of your profile pic? Or where you got it

It’s a screen capture of Lisa Ann in the movie “Massive Facials 2”.



Do you know of any mother son incest stories? I remember seeing three good ones on here, or linked from here to other tumblrs. One was about a mother who gives her son blowjobs if he does chores, another was about a guy's mom giving him handjobs, and the last was about a guy whose mom gave him her panties to sniff.

Those are the above and beyond stories. I linked to all of them at the beginning of the most recent one, but you can also find them under the incest stories tag. And there’s other stories there too if you haven’t seen them.

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Do you know of any eva notty mother/son videos?

I’ve seen her in some stepmom videos, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in any full-on mom/son stuff.

I recently saw a guy on your blog talking about how his mom watches him jack off. Is there any update on that situation? Has she physically done anything to him now?

I have gotten a ton - a TON - of requests for updates on this story. I’m told one should be coming very soon. I don’t think anything physical is going on between them, though.

Could you start putting URLs to the videos/gifs in the source list

If the source of a gif is from a website, I put the name of the site on the source list. But I assume you mean download links and, no, I won’t be posting anything like that. For a wide variety of reasons. In fact, I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine it’s against tumblr policy.

Are the scenes you make the gifs from about incest or do you make them that way?

The vast majority I make look that way. But if the people in the gifs are having incesty dialogue, like this one where he clearly says “you’re my mom”, then you know it’s the scene and not me.

do you have any other incest blog recommendations? maybe ones that make their own gifs.

This question comes at a good time as I’ve recently noticed that the amount of tumblrs I follow has dropped by a considerable margin. I’m not sure if a bunch of blogs got deleted or if I accidentally got unfollowed from them or what. But I need to boost it back up.

So I’m looking for some recommendations myself. If you have a blog you want to suggest, whether it’s your own or just one you like, hop over to the ask page and send me the link. And try to categorize it a bit… like is it good for pics/captions, gifs, fictional stories, real life stories? Does it focus on moms, dads, brothers, sisters, step cousins twice removed?

Maybe we’ll start up a list or something.

Canu follow me it will help alot thanks ps I LOVE ur stuff

Thanks. If you’re looking for more followers, me following you wouldn’t really accomplish anything since nobody can see what blogs I follow. But a shoutout would probably help send others your way. So…