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Favorite reader stories?

That’s kinda like a parent picking their favorite child. I greatly appreciate everyone who’s sent in a story, I don’t want to single some out above others.

But… I’m sure none of them will hold a grudge if I highlight the one story here that’s told by a mom.

PSA Time

Every now and then, usually when a ton of new followers have popped up in a short amount of time, I post a public service announcement of sorts. I do this because some people follow this blog without actually realizing what it’s about. Then once they figure it out, they flee in terror. It’s awkward for all of us.

So take a second and read the blog description. Or take a whole minute and just check out the first page of the blog. If the gifs and posts make you go “Whaaaaaaaaat?!”, then feel free to take your leave. No hard feelings. If they don’t, then welcome.

In other blog news, I’m really gonna try to answer questions tonight. So I’ll see you then.

I think it worked.


I put a dent in the questions but there’s still a lot more. Hopefully I can get to ‘em soon, but I gotta stop for now.

Sorry if you covered this at some point, but I didn't see it. Do you know when her feelings for you started changing? From "love" to "in love", as it were. You talked about when she realized how she felt. You said it was something she'd been feeling but didn't realize at first. Do you know when she first started to feel that way? If so, would love to hear all about it! LOL.

That’s a good question. I don’t think I talked about that in the story anywhere, which I probably should have.

In terms of when she noticed her feelings changing, she said it was around a year ago, give or take. A year ago from now, not from when this all came to a head last year. We’d been living together close to a year at that point. And there were just little things, little differences, she noticed in terms of how she felt about me.

One thing in particular she described as a clingy feeling. Back when I was growing up I knew this kid whose mom followed him everywhere. If I played at his house, we could only play inside or out in the yard where his mom could see us. Every birthday party he was invited to, his mom would stay the entire time. Basically every time I saw him outside of school hours, his mom was hovering nearby. Like she wouldn’t let him out of her sight.

And it sorta became a punchline with my mom and I. Even years later like in high school, if she was being too overprotective or something I’d be like “OK, take it easy, Mrs. Jones”. Jones being that kid’s last name. Except it wasn’t really Jones. Their name was actually something unique, so if I said the name she knew exactly who I meant.

Anyway, she described it like she was starting to feel like that kid’s mom. She wanted to be around me all the time. When I’d go out at night or whenever, she’d get a little sad. It really stuck out to her when she took a trip last spring and was gone for a week. I wrote about this a little at the time because she and I talked about it back then.

She didn’t want to be away from me, even for a week. And she thought it was weird because… you know, I was grown up, I had been to college. It should have been easier for her to be away from me, not harder. She was like why am I turning into that kid’s mom all of a sudden? When we talked about it, I tried to tell her that it was okay. I told her not to look at it like she was being that kid’s mom, and look at it like she and I were just two people who love each other and love being together. And that helped her stop feeling weird about it, which was good.

The clinginess is just one example, but there were various changes like that and she noticed them. I think she sorta knew on some level how she felt, but it wasn’t until I flat out said I was in love with her that she let herself admit that’s how she felt too.

I’m sure it would be better if she explained it, but you’re stuck with me, I’m afraid.

What's the most popular gifs you've posted? If you know.

Well, I wouldn’t know for sure without going back through all of them. Tumblr doesn’t have a handy way of telling me those things. Not that that I know of anyway. And, really, the “note” counts are so screwed up anyway that who really knows.

But from what I’ve observed, I’m fairly certain the two most popular gifs are this one and this one. But those are unique in that the gifs themselves aren’t specifically incestish, so they’ve ended up being reblogged on a far wider variety of blogs.

Then there’s this one, which is incesty but not until the final frame. And the “mom” doesn’t stay on the frame the entire time. So there’s been some question as to how many people have actually noticed.

But for gifs that are clearly and unmistakably incestuous, I think probably this one and this one are the most popular. Or at least they’re definitely among them.

You said you may do some gifs of a son watching his mom get fucked. Do you think you will do them like the son is spying on her, or like he's being cuckolded and forced to watch his mom fuck someone?

I… dunno. That’s a good question. What would people want to see?

I have the same fantasy / interest as you, but not the guts to go through with it like you have. Having said that, your blog did push me an a slightly interesting direction. When I realized I just had to do SOMETHING about my overwhelming desire to fuck my mom, this is what I did.

I went and booked a hotel room and phoned an escort agency and told them I wanted an older woman and preferably one that looked like my mom (obviously I described the key attributes over the phone).

When she arrived, I was NOT disappointed. She was as good a match as I could’ve hoped for.

Still, gathering the courage to describe in cold, sober terms what I wanted wasn’t easy, but I took a deep breath and did it: role play being my mommy, catching me wanking and just take it from there.

And she did a great job. Really “acted the part”, never broke character and just seemed to understand / know what I needed.

How was it? Great! It scratched the itch I had pretty well and I’m super glad I did it.

For anyone else out there wanting to fuck their mommy but not being ready to take the big leap, maybe this small step can be just what you need. :-)

I’m glad it worked out. Are you going to keep seeing her?

I’m sure it wasn’t easy gathering up the courage to say what you wanted. I don’t think I could do that, actually meeting the person face to face and then telling them. I’d be too worried that they’d say no and then it would be crazy awkward.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in quite a while, but I did some roleplay with a lady back in college. I mentioned the idea to her over e-mail before we ever met. And I didn’t actually bring it up until it looked like we weren’t going to meet, so I only said something once there was nothing to lose. That’s probably the only way I could have ever brought it up to someone.

How is sex generally initiated in your house now? The casual aspect of it fascinates me, and the level of comfort. Is it an equitable give and take? Mostly you? Mostly her? What's the most exciting incident? Have you ever just slung her over your shoulder and caveman'd her off to bed? Has the whole house become involved or have you settled in to a more perfunctory routine?

I don’t think “casual” is the word I’d use, just because I usually associate that with hookups that don’t mean anything. But as to how it’s initiated, there’s really a lot of ways. I don’t think they’re any different than how anyone else initiates sex. The most common way is probably her initiating it physically. Like she doesn’t really ask, she just gets close and starts kissing and nibbling. I know what that means. Usually.

I don’t have to initiate it much. As I said in the story, she’s a very sexual person. That’s not to say I never do. But I’ve never quite thrown her over my shoulder when I do it, though.

When we first got home from the trip, we did use the whole house. Every room. Every room on every useable piece of furniture. Every room mostly dressed. Every room undressed. Every room with her hair up. Every room with her hair down. Every room with her wearing the reading glasses she sometimes wears. Etc. etc. etc.

But now, save a quickie or whatever, we mostly keep it upstairs. If it starts getting heavy downstairs, we’ll go up to one of our rooms. And her bathroom is up there with a big shower. There’s also a couch up there that’s really good for certain positions.

Trying to get with my mom but I would love to talk to some moms that have gotten with their son or have thought about doing it. Could you have them Kik me at flyersfan81

I can try. Have at it, moms.

I have always kept my sexual desires a secret, but today I’ve finally gotten off my chest with a close friend of mine. I doubt I will ever in my life time indulge in my desire of incest but I wanted to at least tell someone that I’ve taken a step forward in accepting my desires. You actually helped me work up the courage to tell someone. I don’t care who sees this because I’ve finally accepted myself for everything that I am. Thank you.

You’re welcome. I decided to keep this anonymous, just in case you changed your mind about not caring who saw it. But I’m glad you were able to get something off your chest like that.

Is there anyone in your respective lives (friend, other family member) that you or your mother think that you could one day admit your relationship to? Or is this a secret you will both take to your graves? Are you guys close with any other family members? Does she have siblings that (maybe) would understand one day? I imagine it would be really hard to spend the rest of your life with someone and not be able to tell another soul.

I don’t know if there will ever be anyone we tell. I said my aunt would probably be the most likely, but that doesn’t mean we’d ever actually say anything.

It’s not ideal to have to keep it a secret our whole lives, but it’s a small price to pay for being with the woman I love. Not being with her, that would be hard. And I think we probably have it pretty easy compared to what other people have had to go through over the years. Think of all the interracial relationships that had to be kept secret for decades. Or people who had to keep their sexuality in general a secret. They had to deal with hate. Violent hate in many cases. A situation like ours, people would just think it’s weird. Not much of a comparison.

What about your dad? Will you ever tell him about this? How much in depth do you think you'll go into things? Have you discussed this with your mom? How do you think he'll react to whatever you are planning to tell him (if you are, that is)? Also, does your mom ever periodically check your tumblr? Do you think she will read part V of your story and are there things that you post that you are like "hey, mom, look at this." Finally, awesome tumblr. I hope it never goes away.

I’m glad you like it, thanks. I have no plans whatsoever to tell my dad. I was just saying in the last answer that if we were going to tell anyone, my aunt is probably the most likely. My dad is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He’s probably the least likely person. Not that I think he’d react badly or anything. I really have no idea how he’d react. But compared to the risk, I don’t know what good could come from it.

She has looked at the blog once or twice in the last few months. Probably just glancing at it, not reading it in-depth like she did on the trip. The last time might have been when this gif was the top post, because she said she thought it was funny. If she’s looked since then she hasn’t mentioned it.

I’ve never said “Hey, look at this” to her in terms of the porn or anything. It’s actually kinda… crazy and weird knowing she’s looked at porn gifs I’ve made. But I did talk with her about the trip story as I wrote it, to see what she was OK with me sharing.

Does your aunt know? At one point I think you mentioned that your mom is close with your aunt and discussed a lot with her. Side note: I’m glad things worked out for you. (please reply private)

First I just want to mention to the person who sent this that I tried to reply to it privately, and it’s like my answer button didn’t work for this message. At least it didn’t from my end. For all I know the sender got my reply a bunch of times as I kept clicking the button, so my apologies if that happened. And hopefully you don’t mind me posting it anonymously like this.

To answer, no, my aunt doesn’t know. We haven’t told anyone. But if we ever do, she would probably be the most likely.