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I know brother sister isn't your thing, but do you have any idea what happened to the Kiara blog? Thanks.

I wasn’t familiar with that blog. But if anyone tells me anything, I’ll post it.

The Hustle by Johnny Fever (Part 1 of 3)

The Hustle by Johnny Fever (Part 2 of 3)

The Hustle by Johnny Fever (Part 3 of 3)

This is the “watching mom” cuckold/humiliation style one I said I’d do. Not sure I’ll do many more like these, but they were something different.


So I’m going through my inbox either replying to questions or copying them to answer sometime later, like I did in that big post a week or so back. And as the number of messages in there gets whittled away, I noticed that tumblr thinks I have about 30 more messages in my inbox than I actually do.

In other words, about 30 messages have basically been eaten by tumblr. It thinks they’re there but I can’t see them. This has happened before but probably with no more than 5-10. Not nearly this many. And I’m not sure how far back this goes either, because I haven’t kept track of that in a while. It might be months of missing messages.

Granted, at least half of them were probably just asking me to post pics of my mom. But anytime this happens I can’t help thinking that every question I didn’t get was reasoned and well thought out. And that the sender is, frankly, a little bit offended I ignored it.

So if you had one of those good questions, feel free to resend it, Or just know I didn’t ignore you on purpose.

I hope everyone’s having a good weekend.

Hey, man! Great job with the tumblr as always. Could you make some gifs with the following lovely ladies? Sammy Brooks, Karen Fisher and Kiara Mia. Keep the love alive!

I will do my best. Sometimes it can be hard to try making gifs with a specific person, because their scenes might not give me any ideas. That’s really the easiest way to do it, when you can briefly watch something and get an idea from it. But I’ll try.

I love your blog so much, its usually the first thing I checkI wanted to ask you though, I love the johnny fever comics as well, but when I try to search for them I only seem to get the radio person, is there any sort of separate blog just meant4thm?

There is no tumblr or anything where the Johnny Fever comics are posted. They used to be posted on a few forums. IncestTaboo, which I think is a pay site now. ActualIncest is another, and I’m not sure if they’re still available on that one. But nothing new has been posted in quite some time. At least a year, maybe two.

I asked if I could post them here. The stuff I post is what was shared on those forums in the past. Hopefully new stuff will pop up sometime.

Someone mentioned that Annie Douglas has a new Tumblr. Do you know what it is?

There is no new Annie tumblr. The person who sent that question had… a theory, for lack of a better word. Basically that the person behind Annie’s tumblr is now using a different name and running a new tumblr.

Obviously, I don’t know if that’s true. And I’m not going to mention this other tumblr because that wouldn’t be fair to the person doing it.

So let’s never speak of it again.

Reader Story #9: The Maid Uniform

Many of you have reminded me that I haven’t posted any reader stories in a while. And a few of you have specifically asked if I’ve been sent any stories of this nature. It’s a little different than others I’ve posted — it’s a mom/son story, but the maid uniform in question might not be getting worn by the one you’d think.

If that sounds intriguing, this might be right up your alley.


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Thank you for adding the source video post. It's really helpful. Could I make a related request? Periodically you do shoutouts to other incest tumblrs and provide the links. Is there a master list of all the other incest tumblrs that fans of this one have provided? It's hard to search through all the posts to find them. Thanks!

I don’t have a list of ones I’ve shouted out to, but there’s a big list of them here:

Are you willing to give a shout out for a brand new blog? Wanna get this thing up and running