Their Own Moms

I can relate to “Steph’s story”. I began having domination fantasies involving my father in my early 30s. I was married with two small children at the time. It was (and still is) a good marriage, but sexually I wasn’t very fulfilled. My father is a powerful man, both physically and in social status. All of a sudden the thought of being dominated by him became my go-to fantasy.

But I never had the guts to say anything to him about it. Good for you, Steph!

Thanks for writing. I didn’t know that was… well, I was gonna say a common fantasy, but I guess two people doesn’t really make it “common” necessarily. But you know what I mean.

Is it weird that I'm not turned on by incest all, but I still love your blog?

Now this is weird. Clearly we’re dealing with some kind of deviant here.

Just kidding, of course. I’m glad you like the blog. I’m just not sure why you do.

Hey, is it weird that I'm attracted to my "cousin"? I mean we aren't blood related. She is my moms "step-moms" daughters daughter. She's so pretty and I was sitting with her at a party. I just wanted to firmly grasp her and fucking kiss her and do the frick frack

You’re writing to the guy who’s in love with his mom and asking if it’s weird that you’re attracted to a girl you’re not actually related to? I’m gonna say… no. It’s not weird.

Obviously if you guys consider yourselves to be family, then I can see where it would feel all awkward being around her feeling while like you do. But I wouldn’t say it’s weird to have an attraction to someone. If she’s hot, she’s hot. What can you do?

What program do you use to make your gifs and caption them? Been wanting to do the same for sometime now.

The quick answer is VirtualDub and Photoshop. I wrote a little guide over a year ago that goes through the process somewhat.

Can i ask you for some advice?

I guess it depends what you’re asking for advice on. If you want to ask me how you can get someone to have sex with you, I wrote this post not that long ago that explains how I can’t really give anything but the most simplistic advice possible. Not without knowing basically everything about the person you want to have sex with and the relationship you have with them. Which I won’t ever know. And even if I did know, who’s to say my advice would be any good anyway?

Incidentally, I have about 10 specific requests for such advice in my inbox at the moment. So hopefully they all see this.

But if you wanted to ask about something else I might be able to help with, then sure.

Happy new year, dude!

Happy New Year back! I write on January 21st. :-\

I haven’t answered questions in quite a while, obviously. So I’m gonna try to make a dent in it. Here we go.

The setting here, kind of a den looking room with the big TV and the leather chair, made me think of this story from a few months ago. These gifs tell their own little story, but I guess you could also kinda think of them as companion gifs for that story like I sometimes make for the comics.

Just to give you an update, my friend is slowly doing better. I appreciate the nice messages I got, so thanks to everyone who wrote something.

For everyone who’s asked, I am still working on the hopefully-final part of the whole vacation story. It’s much more meaningful than “a vacation story”, I realize, but that’s just how I’m referring to it. And I have lots of reader questions starting to pile up, so I gotta get to those.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes.

There won’t be any updates for a few more days. A friend of mine was in a pretty bad accident and I’ve been helping his wife with some stuff. Just letting you know.