Their Own Moms

A reader writes:

Just got back from a family reunion in CA. It was my mom’s family so she and I went together. She is so fucking hot. Her body is insane. Big titties and tiny waist. God, it’s hard having a mom you want to fuck the shit out of. Not that I gotta tell you. But goddamn, it’s a miracle I’m not a serial killer or some shit.

I’ve wanted to see her naked my whole life and I’m in college now so I knew I was running out of chances. Long story short, I pulled it off. Fucking finally. Not in person but I got a vid of her naked. I’ll spare you the boring details but it took a lot of prep work. We stayed in the same hotel room. There were two bedrooms but we shared a bathroom. Ultimately what I did was hide my phone in the bathroom, pointed it at the big ass mirror and got a vid of her changing before we went to the beach. Getting it hidden was the part that took all the work.

I felt like a dick for doing it. But when I saw the vid I knew it was fucking worth it. Good god, those titties. She even stands there naked checking herself out in the mirror. I’ma be beating off to this for the rest of my life.

Crazy part is, the next night she told me she was gonna take a shower. Then she nudged me with her arm and said “no peeking”. Now there’s no way she knew I was spying on her because if she saw my phone I would see her looking at it on the vid. So I don’t know if she was making a joke or what. But I figure if she can joke about me peeking at her, it must not be something that would bother her too bad. So I kind of feel like I have her approval, which makes jerking to the vid even better.

I think this is only the second time it’s happened, but I like having gifs that can match a reader story. It really makes it come to life, you know?

cough cough cough

I’m sick. I put some stuff in the queue that will appear throughout the day. Beyond that, updates will resume again when I’m feeling better.

hi, may i know, what is the name of the women in your latest gift images titled 'the reluctant mother'?

You may. Just hop on over to the source list and it’s the one right on top.

Reader Questions - September 28th

I held back on answering questions for a while to have a Q&A post to put in the queue while I was gone. So there aren’t all that many questions this time around.

And with this post, I’m all caught up with the messages I got while I was away. Anytime a lot of messages pile up, though, some of them always disappear. So if I didn’t reply to you privately or answer your question here, I probably didn’t get what you sent.

Away we go.

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New mom/son video

Our old pal titanic55 has made another of his awesome vids. I can’t embed videos from motherless here, but click on the gif and it’ll take you there.