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Is there a part to your sexual relationship where she is like the older woman teaching the younger man?

At first when she was showing me what she liked, sure. But that doesn’t have to be an older woman younger man thing. All girls should do that, if you ask me.

Have you showed her your other blog?

I did show her the Sydnee blog. It was a lot less nerve wracking than showing her this one. And she was surprisingly very into it in terms of like… wanting to know why I liked her. And other pornstars too. When we got home she wanted me to show her girls that I liked and she wanted to know what it was about them that I liked.

I don’t think that information is useful to her in any way. But you know how I wrote about in the final part of the trip story about getting to know her so much better and all that? I think that’s one of the many ways she got deeper into my head, was by having me show her girls I like. And explaining why I liked them.

So going back to the previous question, we have watched porn together. But it wasn’t to get aroused or anything. It was kinda… analytical. And it was kinda strange and awkward. But also awesome.

have u guys watched porn together??

We have, but probably not in the way you might think. I’ll elaborate in the next answer.

My reason for asking this isn't creepy so I want to ask in a way that doesn't come off creepy. But I don't think I can so I'm just going to ask it. Do you ever get stories from dads about how they managed to get with their daughters? I ask because it seems nearly all the father & daughter posts are from girls who were the instigator in the relationship. However, I would think many cases, likely most, are the other way around. Do the dads not send their tales of conquest? Or do you not post them?

It’s some of both. I don’t get much stuff to that effect and the rare times I do it’s not really content I feel comfortable posting. I’m not going to post a recap of how the person with the power in a relationship basically preyed
on the person they hold the power over.

But that’s not to say I’d never post something by a dad. If the relationship came together mutually or it was clearly the daughter pushing for it, then sure.

So what kinds of kinks are you two into? You mentioned them in passing in part five. Of course, yours may be obvious at this point.

I think mine are pretty clear. The one she told me about where I mentioned it in part five, after she’d seen the blog, was… I’m not sure if there’s really a word for it. Just like… making me cum, I guess. I’m gonna say “me” but presumably it would apply to anyone she’s with.

Just blowjobs and handjobs and stuff where she’s the one doing the work to make it happen. Not that she has to do much in my case. But she likes seeing it happen and… just reveling in that moment. She’s really into that. Like I said, not exactly freaky or anything.

I actually thought it was kinda funny because she could have done that all she wanted to, and reveled in it as much as she wanted to, and I would have thought it was all for my benefit. I would have never known it was something she got off on.

How do you plan on addressing questions about your love life in the future? I imagine as you get older friends and family will begin asking questions about why you never married or have a serious girlfriend. Do you guys have a strategy for diffusing these awkward inquiries from your loved ones?

I’ll probably just make up a girlfriend. Make a phony Facebook for her and everything. And if my family ever comes to visit wanting to meet her, I’ll say she just died in a freak accident. Like that linebacker a year or so back and his fake girl.

I don’t really have a strategy at this point. I’ll probably just say I’m seeing someone and I’ll have to adjust based on how specific their questions get.

Not going to lie, I am always obsessed with when other people post their own personal stories. When will there be more of those??

I can’t say when exactly, but there will be more. I just don’t post them that often because I don’t have a limitless supply and I like having a bit of a back log of content, just in case. So I tend to horde things sometimes.

And I’m always taking more, if anyone feels like telling their tale. But please note the guidelines on the submission page. I delete a lot of stuff I get because they ignore the prominent one on top. The one in all caps that should be hard to miss.

Have there been any close calls for you two yet? Something like a knock on the door at an inopportune time?

Nothing like that, no.

To make this whole story complete, perhaps the whole thing from yoru moms point of view. Thanks

Post the story from her perspective? Like she’s writing it? I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s extremely unlikely that will happen.

You've mentioned you have - or had - girls you had "an arrangement" with - exgirlfriends etc you'd have sex with from time to time. What's happened to them? If they ask for a hook up, it's not like you can say "sorry, fuckin' my mom." Similarly, do your friends ever ask you about girlfriends? "I'm banging this superhot MILF, actually." "Oh, cool bro, how long have you known her?" "Birth". Or, hanging out with your dad do you say "hey, did mom ever do that thing with her tongue with you?"

I have conversations like that with my dad frequently. He’s given me several pointers. (I know someone will ask. No, I’m not serious.)

I touched on dealing with my friends near the end of the final part of the trip story. The situation with my female companions hasn’t been an issue. I stopped calling them for hookups and when they’d call me I’d say I was kinda seeing someone. The same thing has happened in reverse in the past when they’d start seeing a guy. They don’t ask questions. Just “OK, cool. Let me know when she dumps you.”

There’s only one of them that would have asked questions, like wanting to know about the girl I was seeing. Because she’s a good friend in addition to being an ex-girlfriend. I talked about her here ages ago. She’s been in a
relationship last year, though. So she’s not looking to hook up and I haven’t had to say no.

A few questions: 1. Are you still calling her Mom all the time or are you changing to call her by name? 2. Not to throw cold water but has it hit that maybe when she's 85, she may need to live in an assisted living community and you'll be too young to live there. What then? 3. How are you going to explain later on that you're always living in the same city/place as Mom? Age 30 is one thing, but age 40, it will seem strange to any of your or her long time friends not to mention family.

1) I still don’t call her by her first name. I have kinda started calling her like “Beautiful” and stuff like that, as if it was her name.

2) I’m not really thinking 40 years down the line. 30-35 max, that’s as far in the future as I can plan..

3) I guess maybe it depends on the city, but I don’t see living in the same city being weird. My mom’s siblings lived near her parents. My dad lived near his. That doesn’t concern me at all. The place we’ve discussed moving to, I don’t think anyone would find it strange if we both happened to live there.


That’s another dent in the questions. There’s still plenty more, but I gotta stop for now.

What's your favorite thing to do in bed with her?

I imagine you were looking for something sexual, but honestly, it’s just holding her to me really tight. And putting my face in her neck and breathing in really deep. And staying like that for as long as possible.

The naughty stuff would be a close second, though.

First let me say I think it is fantastic how things worked out between you and your mom.  It was also very courageous of you to share your story. I personally would likely not have the nerve act has you have.

For some time I wanted to post a short situation from my life but never have. Well I had some free time so I figured I throw it on your blog. When I was growing up I lived next door to a very sexy woman. When I lived next door to her I would see her all summer sunbathing, sometimes with her son who was only a few years older then me. I was always jealous  of the dude has he seemed to  have the ladies all over him.

Well a few years back my sexy neighbor and husband got divorced. It was not unexpected as her husband and his Dad was a real SOB that cheated on her on a regular basis. After the divorce, my neighbors son seemed to be home allot more often. I used to see them together hanging out all the time. I did not think much of it as I figured he was home to support his mom after a rough divorce.

Well to make a long story short, one day my mom had a friend of hers over the house to hang by the pool.  Since she and my mom both are pretty hot I decided to hang around the house that day in the hopes of getting a few good peeks. .While I was grabbing one of those peeks, I heard something that really caught my interest. I my heard my mom telling her friend that she thought that beyond other things one reason for the divorce was that her hubby caught her having sex with their son!

The shock was my mom and her friend laughed about it, with my moms friend even saying who can blame her given her situation. Plus she added with a stud like that around the house who could resist temptation and if she had a son who knows what she might do!. I fully expected my mom to say how crazy that sounded but to my surprise she laughed and said I know what you mean.

Since that time four years ago have the biggest fantasy about my mother as well as thinking of other guys with their moms. Despite a very close relationship with my mom and being  23 years old I have never had the nerve to try and see if there could be more too our relationship. Yes I teased and made some sexual innuendo on a regular basis, And she has responded very cool to it and has done the same but despite that this is the most we have taken it.  For now I a cool with the simple fantasy.

That is why I enjoyed your story so much as I got to live a bit through you.  Best of luck and I am so glad it worked out as it did for you!

I appreciate you sending that in, thanks. I think a lot of people would probably kill to be in your shoes, that you actually heard your mom talking about it and it didn’t seem to bother her. That would kinda take some of the fear out of trying something, I would think. But if you’re good with having the fantasy, that’s all that matters.

Let us know if anything ever happens, though.

daaaym luv a hot chocolate mama. u ever had a sista brah?

Well, with a blog like this, there’s more than one way to take that question. I don’t have a sister. So in that respect, no. I’ve never been with a sister.

But I’m thinking you probably meant have I ever had sexual intercourse with a female who happens to be black. In that case, yes. The girl I lost my virginity to, in fact. I think I told that story once. We’d been friends forever and I was at her house and she was like “Wanna do it and not be virgins anymore?”. And I went “Hmm. All right.”

It wasn’t just that once, we used to do it a lot. But yes, I have. I’m assuming the hot chocolate mama in question was from these gifs, BTW. And I would fully agree with that assessment.