Their Own Moms

Once upon a time my mum was washing our dog in the back yard. When she came inside she looked like she had just been in a wet tee shirt contest. White shirt, no bra, soaken wet. I could see everything. Her big tits with pepparoni sized nipples. I couldn’t look away. I stood there gawking like a fool with my eyes locked right on her tits. She was oblivious at first. Then she saw me staring and looked down at herself. She made a yelp of surprise and covered herself with her arms. Then she punched me in the shoulder and said “You’re such a shit!” as she stormed off to change.

I apologized a little while later and by then she could laugh about it. She apologized back for overreacting. We never talked of it again but I’ve jerked it so many times to that memory. I imagine most guys have a memory like that of our mums where we got to see more than we should.

God bless all the mums out there who don’t hold it against us.

Preach, my brother.

I was in my mom’s room helping her put boxes in her closet. Some were heavy and she needed my help. We finished and I laid on her bed to watch TV. She told me she was going to take a shower. I said OK. Then she went in the bathroom. I laid there still watching TV. About two minutes later she came back out of the bathroom like she forgot something. But she was COMPLETELY NAKED!

I froze because I thought she was going to kill me. I figured she must have thought I would leave. Or she forgot I was in there. Either way I thought she was going to see me and freak out. I laid there hoping like hell she wouldn’t look over at me. But she did.

Apparently I had a horrified look on my face. But instead of being mad or surprised, she went “Sorry!” and covered her breasts with her arm. Then she grabbed her robe and quickly went back in the bathroom.

I laid there in shock. I didn’t know what to think. I was confused by her reaction. But most of all I was thinking HOLY SHIT my mom is HOT! I love your blog and the fantasy of moms and sons, but only in general. I never thought about my own mom like that. But suddenly I saw her in brand new light. Her body is great! Her breasts are much bigger than I would have guessed. She has a full bush which I like. When she turned around to go back in the bathroom, even her ass looked great. She’s really sexy!

My head was filled with all the dirty mom son thoughts I like, but now I was picturing her! I stopped paying attention to the TV. Before I knew it she had finished her shower and come back into the bedroom with her robe on. She apologized for walking in like that. She said she wasn’t thinking. She put her hand on my arm and said she’s so comfortable with me she didn’t even think about putting something back on first.

I told her it was OK, I didn’t mind. She sighed out of relief. That’s when she said I had looked horrified. I was horrified because I thought she was going to be mad and it would be my fault somehow. But she thought it was because I saw her naked. She said she thought she might have turned me off girls forever.

I didn’t like hearing her say that because she looked so hot. I explained why I looked horrified and how it had nothing to do with how she looked. I told her that if anything, I liked girls even more now because of how good she looked. She seemed surprised but very flattered. Then I said she could feel free to be naked around me whenever she wanted. She laughed and said she would keep that in mind.

Nothing has happened since then. We haven’t even talked about it since. But now I can’t stop thinking about her!!! Any thoughts?

Ohhhhh boy. I think you’re hooked. There’s no going back from here.

Since it was caused by an event that wasn’t your fault, you may be in a position where being honest about this might be easier than it usually is for most people. Maybe you could tell her the truth, that ever since it happened you’ve been thinking of her in a rather unmotherly fashion. Then you’ll get to see how she reacts and you can assess the situation from there.

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kik shoutouts

You know, I’d like to hear from some of the people whose info I’ve posted to find out if anyone has actually contacted them. Because if nobody has, there’s no point in posting these.

hi do you know where i can find the movie of this gif that have india summer or the name of the movie the gif is from 4 days ago

Who is the pornstar in HAPPY HALLOWEEN AGAIN parts 1 and 2

Do you know where I can find the video of the gif you posted where the mom is having sex with her son and the dad comes home so the kid hides under the blanket?

what is the name of the porn gif/video that you put up with the son in the gray wife beater and the mom in the green tank top who throws him on the bed and fucks him?

There is a source list for just these sort of questions.

For the blog anniversay why don't u post pics of ur mom?

Have you got any questions for your hot sexy Q&A??? I want to read it!! lol

I’ve gotten several. I don’t know if they’re really enough for their own post, like I was talking about the other day. If not, I’ll just mix ‘em in with the other questions like I usually do.

But there’s still time. I will be officially gone on the 25th, so send ‘em in before that weekend.

A lot of people are asking if the Facebook post is real.

No, it’s not. Sorry for not saying so, but I guess since I knew it was fake I somehow figured that everyone else would know too.

It was actually made by a reader, although I didn’t mention that because he doesn’t want the credit for some strange reason. But he said he’d make some more if it got to 100 likes, and it seems safe to say that will happen. So there should be more to come in the future.

I'm getting started as a sort of kinky porn blog too, and I've followed you for a while and would be very grateful to get a shoutout:) thanks


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This is the lone kik request I have, so I’ll just post it by itself.

I’m not sure which part I like more, the sexy pissed-off mom out for revenge or her extremely supportive friends having no problem with it.

I’m not sure which part I like more, the sexy pissed-off mom out for revenge or her extremely supportive friends having no problem with it.

hey man firstly love the bolg! gets me going all the time. i was wondering if you give me a shotout to all the older ladies who are looking for a son and love your blog. Thanks


Hey, I'm into mom son incest and I've been following what you post for a while now, you're one of the blogs who made me want to start my own blog about kinky stuff I wouldn't dare talking about to people in my real life. Could I get a shoutout please?