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Clearly you find incest to be acceptable and erotic, but do you draw the line in any instances? It seems to be common in the "anonymous incest confessions" community for parents to admit that they have, from their perspective, a consensual sexual relationship with their children that often began in pre-pubescence. Likewise for a much older sibling, cousin or other relation.

I draw the line in lots of instances. I would have extremely serious concerns about anyone who thought they had a “consensual sexual relationship” with a pre pubescent child.

And as it relates to incest I don’t particularly condone anything that’s spurred on by the party with the power in the relationship, especially if that person is a parental figure and especially if that parental figure is male. Which may be an unfair double standard, but it’s how I feel.

Dude, do not tell her about the site. "I run a graphic porn site in your honor" is not the way to a woman's heart, and a lot of posts she might not take the right way. A lot of women are very offended by porn that they perceive as controlling or humiliating, and the site might have the impression of saying "Hey mom, i fantasize about fucking you and then cumming all over your face" rather than "I love you and I think you are so sexy and I want to make passionate love to you." Just a thought...

I understand what you’re saying. But I would just be honest with her. I started this as an outlet to get out all the thoughts and feelings I had.

I’m not worried at all about how she’d react to the porn. She’s cool about that stuff. If anything worries me it’s how she would react upon finding out how much I’ve discussed her and our interactions and all that. But telling her about this would pale in comparison to telling her I’m in love with her, and she took that awfully well.

I think it would be OK. Again, though, this would only become an issue if anything actually happens between us.

Oh my gosh, congrats!!!!! I'm really glad that you finally confessed!! Hopefully, as soon as possible she'll realize some things and you can have a REAL good time ;) (but seriously, nice! hoping and praying for you!!)

Thank you, I appreciate it. And I know it’s probably just a phrase, but I’m not sure I need actual prayers. I’m content to let this whole thing slide under the Heavenly radar if at all possible.

Although if there’s any truth to the psychic’s stuff about our souls, you gotta think the big man upstairs would forgive it if something happened during one of our many lives together. I mean, if not this one, surely the next.

You should probably change your bio now heh

I’ll probably get around to it someday.

In the most recent above and beyond story you said that's the mom who wrote that story had a tumblr, whoa you be able to share the tumblr address?! I'd love to see her tumblr!!

I get this question every so often (in reference to this story) and, no, I can’t share her tumblr. If I could I would have done it right away.

I never meant to tease anyone by mentioning she has a tumblr. I just thought it would add some authenticity to the story if I could confirm that she appears to be a real person.

Any advice for picking up older women? Yesterday a Milf was hitting on me and I would like to sleep with her.

I’ve never actually done it. Every older woman I’ve been with was the result of an internet hookup that required little to no effort. But if she was the one hitting on you, I’d play it like you would with any other girl who hits on you.

Ok, I need to get this out to someone, why not here? I've never had fantasies about my mum, and I don't have sisters, but I've wanted to have sex with my cousins pretty much since I learned what it was. It gets me so hard, I can't deny I've fapped more than once with the thought in my head.

Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you could get it out.

you should check out passionatecloselove :)) i think you'd like her blog x

Thanks, I’ll do that.

Ugh you are so hot

I’m not sure how you’d know that. But thank you.

CONGRATS!!! so proud of you.

Thanks. :)

Your gifs are the best. I'm curious if there's a reason why you tend to make them with more 'mainstream' porn as opposed to the random amateur kind?

Mostly for two reasons. One, I prefer doing little scenarios and stories, and amateur porn is mostly just people fucking. Professional porn tends to have setups that can be used in the story.

And two, if I’m only using professional porn then I have no worries of any underage content getting on the blog. If tumblr ever starts requiring the whole Title 18 thing that most porn sites have, where you basically have to verify that everyone you’re posting is over 18, I’ll hopefully be OK since there’s no random or amateur porn here.

Also, professional pornstars are usually hotter. So I guess it’s three reasons.

Mini update slash clarification

I have to work a TON this week so I’ll have to keep this short. But I did want to clarify something I’ve gotten a lot of messages about.

When I talked about feeling awkward and not going for hugs and kisses like I did before I told her, I didn’t mean that I was completely withdrawing from her physically or not showing affection or anything. Those things still happen like when she goes to work or one of us comes home, or when she goes to bed, or whatever the case may be. And like I said, she’s been more affectionate, particularly with hugs.

I just meant that when there was no reason to (other than me wanting to), I was feeling awkward about going for physical affection. But it’s getting better.

Back to the grind. Have an A-1 day!

So when are you having another sleep night date ? It should be very interesting to see what happens. If she does anything different or you do.

I don’t know if there will ever be another one. Now that she knows how I feel, she may not be comfortable with that. She may not want to do anything that might give me the wrong idea, including our date night or anything else.

I said at the end of my “How I Told Her” post that I was feeling awkward, and I am. I haven’t gone up to her for hugs or kisses the way I used to because I’m not sure how she’ll take it. Will she think I’m trying to make a romantic move on her? I dunno. But the last thing I want is for her to read something wrong and be like “Hey, wait a minute”, especially if there’s any chance that she’s considering what we talked about. I don’t want to sabotage whatever chance I may have, in other words.

It’s a whole new thing I’m getting used to. Hopefully I’ll get more comfortable soon. And in the meantime I want to give her more time too. But it’ll probably be a while before sleep dates or even date nights are back in the picture, if they ever are.

BTW, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the stuff I just talked about, so hopefully I covered most of them with this answer.

You have such a sexy blog! Thanks for sharing all you do with everyone. Would it be much trouble to get a shout out?

Thanks, Iā€™m glad you like it.