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How I Told Her

As promised, here’s what happened.

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Update and clarification

I’ve gotten several messages where people made reference to being on pins and needles waiting to hear what happened, or cussing me for leaving them hanging or other stuff to that effect. As though I have a big revelation I haven’t shared yet.

I don’t. I didn’t mean to leave anyone hanging on anything. I wrote last night’s update in a hurry so I guess it didn’t come off like I intended.

I told her how I feel. She was wonderful about it. Her response was… somewhat complicated, I guess. But she didn’t say she felt the same way. I meant to convey that when I said

other than her leaping into my arms and passionately kissing me and telling me she felt exactly the same way (spoiler: none of that happened)

…but maybe I was being too cute about it. To be clear, though, she gave no indication that she felt the same way. But as I go through it in my head over and over and over again, I’m fairly certain she never said she didn’t feel the same way. So I guess I have that to hang my hopes on.

I didn’t mean to leave anything open ended about it. I just wanted to post that little update and hopefully in the next day or two I’ll be able to tell a longer version and go into more detail about how it happened and her reaction and everything.

But I’m not holding out on you. There’s no exciting ending that I was waiting to spring on everyone. Believe me, I wish there was. But the story was really just that I told her. Sorry for not being clear enough.

On a separate note… apparently tumblr has been all messed up since last night. I have messages in my inbox that aren’t messages, they’re posts from other blogs by people who don’t even follow this one. And I can’t delete them.

But I know people are sending messages I’m not getting, and some messages I did get have disappeared. So if you were really needing a response to something, you might want to send it again.

I wonder if my post last night ended up in some random person’s inbox. That would be awkward.


I did it.

I told her that I’m in love with her.

No, It’s not my birthday yet. But I’ve been saying since February when I came close to doing it back then that I wanted the right moment. And I got an even more right moment than the one I’d been hoping for. So I figured why wait? And I did it.

I’ll talk about it in more detail when I have more time. And once things have a chance to sink in a little more. But I would say that other than her leaping into my arms and passionately kissing me and telling me she felt exactly the same way (spoiler: none of that happened), I don’t think her reaction could have possibly been any better.

She wasn’t mad. She wasn’t all weirded out. Or at least she did a remarkable job of hiding it if she was. She was just… amazing. Which makes perfect sense because she IS amazing and that’s why I’m so in love with her.

I actually feel stupid now for worrying that she might react badly, because it would be so completely unlike her to do. But… you know. You worry about stuff like that. I told her I was worried about telling her and with genuine surprise she said “Why?”. That probably sums it all up right there. How could I not be in love with this woman?

Like I said, I’ll recap it in greater detail soon. I have no idea what will happen going forward. But I told her. And I’m glad I did. I feel… relieved.

Last time…

…I answered questions, someone asked for blogs run by people who are actually involved in incestous relationships. Here are the ones that people wrote in to suggest.

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Have you given any thought to how you'll tell us after it happens? My hope is the two of you will be so busy enjoying each other you'll only have time to write a short and sweet message. But posting "I boned my mom!" isn't your style. That's too gauche. How about a code? Something like "My eagle has soared to the summit of Heaven". You post it and we'll know what happened.

Well, I appreciate your confidence in me. But no, I haven’t really given it any thought. That’s a funny idea, though. I’ll keep it in mind.

I had a recent sexual experience with my cousin and I had to share (even though this a blog about moms!) But she and I were relaxing in my sisters room and I was giving her a massage and every so often I would touch her pussy. Later that night while everyone was asleep, she took her panties off and shoved my face in her pussy I made her cum and squirt 3 times. It was so hot. I had never been that hard in my life. I always wanted to eat her pussy. Just wanted to share!

Nice! Thanks for sending it.

I don't have a mother fetish but i do have a mild attraction to my aunt. She isn't blood related, only my aunt through marriage. Do you consider that incest or simply being attracted to an older woman?

Technically I guess it wouldn’t be incest. But if she’s been married to your uncle since you were little or before you were born and you’ve always known her to be part of your family, then from a mental standpoint there’s probably no difference.

I think it’s probably the mental aspect that’s most important. Like if you feel guilty that you’re attracted to her, and you can assuage the guilt by reminding yourself she’s not a blood relative, that’s what matters. Or on the other hand, if the family thing makes you even more attracted to her, you can roll with that too.

Just how far away IS your birthday? I only ask so I can anticipate when (and if) you post about what your mom thinks about your feelings towards her. Rooting for you, buddy!

Thanks. It’s about two weeks away.

I love in the comic how the expressions on her face matches the dialog. Makes it seem so real!

I fully agree. That’s what I think makes Johnny Fever’s stuff the best, how he uses pictures that fit the story. I try to do it as much as I can when I make gifs, but it’s not always easy.

Another awesome video suggested by a reader. Like the last one, it’s a solo vid with a mom talking to her son.

He gets caught watching her in the shower. I wonder if she’ll be mad…

Resistance is Futile by Johnny Fever (Part 1 of 5)

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