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I had a recent sexual experience with my cousin and I had to share (even though this a blog about moms!) But she and I were relaxing in my sisters room and I was giving her a massage and every so often I would touch her pussy. Later that night while everyone was asleep, she took her panties off and shoved my face in her pussy I made her cum and squirt 3 times. It was so hot. I had never been that hard in my life. I always wanted to eat her pussy. Just wanted to share!

Nice! Thanks for sending it.

I don't have a mother fetish but i do have a mild attraction to my aunt. She isn't blood related, only my aunt through marriage. Do you consider that incest or simply being attracted to an older woman?

Technically I guess it wouldn’t be incest. But if she’s been married to your uncle since you were little or before you were born and you’ve always known her to be part of your family, then from a mental standpoint there’s probably no difference.

I think it’s probably the mental aspect that’s most important. Like if you feel guilty that you’re attracted to her, and you can assuage the guilt by reminding yourself she’s not a blood relative, that’s what matters. Or on the other hand, if the family thing makes you even more attracted to her, you can roll with that too.

Just how far away IS your birthday? I only ask so I can anticipate when (and if) you post about what your mom thinks about your feelings towards her. Rooting for you, buddy!

Thanks. It’s about two weeks away.

I love in the comic how the expressions on her face matches the dialog. Makes it seem so real!

I fully agree. That’s what I think makes Johnny Fever’s stuff the best, how he uses pictures that fit the story. I try to do it as much as I can when I make gifs, but it’s not always easy.

Another awesome video suggested by a reader. Like the last one, it’s a solo vid with a mom talking to her son.

He gets caught watching her in the shower. I wonder if she’ll be mad…

Resistance is Futile by Johnny Fever (Part 1 of 5)

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Resistance is Futile by Johnny Fever (Part 5 of 5)

I have been a reader of your wonderful blog for a little while now and was recently inspired to share something before time runs out and you have your big success with your mom and finish the blog.

Recently my mother flew to visit me and an old memory came bubbling up. I first became interested in incest when I was in high school several years ago, at a time when there weren’t any blogs or gifs or anything so immediately gratifying as today. My family owned one computer that we kept in its own room and it was very hard to get some alone time with it as my family was a tad big.

People write stories and suggestions about leaving porn up on the screen and having their mom or dad instantly turned on and ready to jump into bed with them. One evening I was in the middle of my alone time and I had the browser up with some tabs of drawings and sketches as that was all I could ever find but I clearly remember the web pages saying “mom-son” and so forth. Well I was called away to dinner or something and for some stupid reason left the tabs up smack dab on top.

When I got back to the computer maybe half an hour later I realized what I’d done but that wasn’t all. the browser was closed. and the only two people home that night were my mother and I. I was mortified. I kept thinking she was going to talk with me, things were going to change, maybe I’d be kicked out, who knows. None of that happened. Everything stayed normal.

Except for one detail that instantly stuck out because when one thing changes in a routine you usually notice right away. My mother started changing clothes with the door open. Not just a crack but enough to have a full view. This was big. But not in the usual big where anyone else sees the open invitation and jumps right in. The moment I saw my mother change in front of me was the exact moment I knew something definitive about myself.

For me, it was all just a fetish. I wasn’t attracted to my mother in any way. She was a good looking woman, don’t get me wrong, but when I looked at her there was just nothing. I used to feel so guilty about what I was doing on that computer but it all just washed away. Eventually my mom closed the door when she changed and the status quo stabilized. But that event always stuck with me in some way.

I’ve never shared anything like that before, felt good. Cheers!

Thanks for sharing that. Several people have written in before, not sure if their interest is due to an actual attraction or just the fetish. I always think it’s good to figure that out. Saves a lot of confusion.

This might not be the case for you much longer, but it seems that most blogs are like yours as in they're done by people to who incest is only a fantasy. Do you know of blogs run by people who are in actual incestuous relationships?

The only one that springs to mind at the moment is Annie’s, but I’m pretty sure there are others. Maybe some readers will write in with suggestions.

Do you have more of those virtual sex kinda movies (Larkin Love, mom fetish)?

I don’t personally. I only posted that one because it was submitted by a reader. But if you search around on that site or on similar tube sites, I’m sure there’s more to be found.

Do you watch a lot of interracial porn?

I mostly watch stuff with girls I like, so whether it’s interracial or anal or any other category depends on what types of scenes those girls do. Some girls I like have done lots of interracial and some haven’t at all. So it just depends on who I’m watching.

can you do a kianna dior mom/son set ?

I can try.