Their Own Moms

Companion gifs for the comic “Watching Emma” available here and here.

Finally by Johnny Fever

A reader pointed out that our friends at Taboo Handjobs upped another awesome video at Xhamster. It takes the step-mom route but it’s still quite hot.

Wild Side by Johnny Fever

Friendly Reminder

I am currently away. There are posts appearing on the blog because they were queued up before I left.

If you’ve sent me a message in the last week or so, I won’t be around to reply for another week.

Because the queue can’t be set to post twice on a specific day, this will be today’s only post.

Reader Story #5: During The Game

Who’s up for a dad daughter story?

What a perfect tale for the first NFL Sunday of the season. I wonder how many similar things will be going on today.


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Jacking off on Mom - the summer vacation edition!

Companion gifs for the comic “Mommy Issues” available here and here.

The Son-in-Law by Johnny Fever

And Away I Go

If you’re reading this then I am gone for the next two weeks and the post queue has begun shooting its hot sticky load all over you. This means I obviously won’t be around to respond to any messages, so keep that in mind if you send something.

BTW, the title of this thread is a bit of a callback to the very first post I ever made. And why is that? Because today, September 2nd, is the 1 year anniversary of this blog!

To celebrate, I give you two straight weeks of daily posts. That’s right! A new post EVERY DAY!

Will they be gifs? Comics? Stories? Videos? Meaningless posts like this one, just to pad the queue and remind people I’m not here? Why, you’ll just have to come back and see.

I miss you guys already.

Terrible news! But then also good news.

I mentioned a few days ago that I’ve been working a ton this week. There’s a reason for that. I was working other people’s shifts to get them to cover mine while I’m away for two weeks.

That’s the terrible news: I won’t be around. I’ve only known for about a week so this wasn’t some long-term planned thing that I’ve been neglecting to tell you about.

But the good news is that you won’t even notice I’m gone. I’ll have the queue all loaded up to post stuff while I’m not here. Gifs! Stories! Comics! The works.

This does mean there won’t be any updates on my own little ongoing situation. But the premise of having updates assumes there would be something to update you on. There’s not much to say at the moment, though I did just write something right below this.

I’m not leaving right away so I may still post again. But I wanted to make sure everyone knew. And if this is the last post I make, you’ll know when the queued posts start up.

See you when I’m back.