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Salsa Dancing: With respect to the submitter whose mom reacted negatively to the social dancing question, it's because she may be visualizing something entirely different. Tango is overtly sexual and she may think all social dance is like that. Here's a tip, buy some group lessons where several couples amongst your friends and her friends go as a gang to classes. It will diffuse the issue and she'll see that much of social dance you are basically holding hands. -- The Phantom-Type Person

I don’t think I’ve heard anything from him since he first wrote in. I’m sure he would have let us know if something changed, so maybe the dancing thing just wasn’t to be.

You said you don't do anything in your mom's bed that could result in you falling asleep with her. But could you try to get into her bed, or would that be too weird? Does she have a TV in her room and you could ask to watch TV with her late at night? Something like that?

No, she doesn’t have a TV in her room. I know, right? What a weirdo.

There’s really nothing I can think of that would give me an excuse to get in bed with her late at night. Maybe if I said I had a bad dream, but I don’t think making her think of me like I’m 5 would do me much good.

Hey lad, long time reader first time writer. Jokes. But seriously have you ever tried sleep walking? Hear me out. Over a couple of months do it once or twice but jus real lame kinda normal sleep walk stuff like go turn on a shower or go to your moms room and ask her something dumb like where are my jeans. Then one time come out hard, maybe with it folded up in your boxers and see what happens. I did I got two pumps from her and over heard her tell my aunty how good it looked

I don’t think I’m that good of a faker to pull off sleepwalking. Plus, if I suddenly started sleepwalking out of nowhere, she’d probably just want me to go to the doctor.

Hey, have you ever tried any of the techniques in the Tao of Badass on your mom?

I don’t know what that is.

Love your last gifs (mom and son fucking on her lunch break). A frontal view of a busty woman fucking on all fours is one of my favorite visuals in porn.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked ‘em. I like that visual too.

That's awesome news about the date! So once it's over and the two of you go home, where you gonna cum? Her tits or her face? :D

All right, that’s enough stuff on the date.

There’s a bunch more I could post, but I think I’ve covered most of the stuff people were asking or suggesting. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

If someone hasn't suggested it already; kissing on the date(s). End the date with a "good night kiss" but start on her cheek, and over no fewer than, say, 3 dates (5+ would be better, depending on your speed) slower work closer to her lips until you hit the target; when you know you're at "that" date, make it the most romantic one. If you're lucky you might get "how about a real kiss" sometime sooner (fingers crossed for ya), and if not you won't feel like you might jump the gun. Good luck!

Oh, I’m going for the lips right off the bat. I mean, we peck on the lips all the time. And that’s probably all it would be is a peck. But hopefully a nice one.

Then hopefully a nicer one after the second date, and an even nicer one after the third, etc. etc. etc.

"It kinda made me embarrassed because I’m so unworthy of a smile like that." No, you're not. :)

Aww. :)

I was reading your last post and literally got butterflies and smiled like a dork the whole time! I'm so happy she said yes and I only hope you can take this to the level you'd like. I'm pulling for you, bud. Good luck with everything and I can't wait to hear how the date goes! (:

Thanks, I appreciate it.

You realise that everyone who reads this blog is now waiting for a post, hopefully to come late on Saturday next week, describing your date and saying how you've just woken up after sleeping with your mom? Thought about maybe a club or bar with a band after your meal?

Well, I hope nobody’s waiting for that because I’m sure they’re gonna be disappointed.

I’m kinda surprised by all the response I’ve gotten to the whole date thing. I don’t want to downplay it too much, but it’s really not a big deal that she agreed to do this. It’s been just over a year since I finished college and moved back home, and I could have asked her to do this at literally any point between then and now and she would have happily said yes.

Her agreeing to a date night isn’t reflective of a change in her mindset or anything. By itself, this doesn’t get me any closer to where I want to be. But ideally the dates themselves (hopefully there will be more than one) are something I can use to help get me closer to where I want to be. That’s the significant part of it.

I just wanted to try and be clear on that.

As for what we’ll do beyond dinner, I don’t know. It’ll be whatever she wants to do, I’m sure. I’ll probably ask her in the next day or two.


…as mentioned, I did ask her out. So to speak. I told her how much I’d enjoyed being with her last week during the fireworks, and I said I wanted to do things with her more often, and I asked what she thought about us having like a regular date night?

This is my mom I’m referring to, by the way. Just in case you thought I meant some other girl.

When I asked her she gave me the most amazing smile. Like an epic smile. It kinda made me embarrassed because I’m so unworthy of a smile like that. That’s how awesome it was.

She said yes. I wasn’t worried about her saying no or anything. I’ve talked about this before, but we did something kinda similar back before I went to college. She wanted to make a point of doing things together and spending time with me. It was rarely a “date” type of situation where we went somewhere together at night, but we did do that on occasion.

Still, even though she said yes, her smile was so far beyond what I thought was warranted. It was the smile equivalent of ordering bacon and eggs at a diner and tipping the waiter $100. Just way beyond what the situation called for. So I finally asked why she was smiling like that.

She kinda played coy at first, but then she said that she’d had the exact same idea. We got into this little teasing thing about who thought of it first and she said she’d thought of it while we were walking home from the fireworks. (And we were holding hands then, so hey, maybe it did mean something to her.)

But she said she didn’t ask me because she didn’t want me feeling obligated. This is all pointless detail I won’t get too far into, but with our schedules the only nights we could really go and spent a few hours out together would be Friday or Saturday. Which is fitting because those are date nights. But I usually have to work in the evenings on one of those two nights. So if we made plans it would probably be on my one free night on the weekend.

That’s why she didn’t ask. She said even if I didn’t want to go, she knew I still would have said yes. And then I’d be giving up my one free night just because I felt obligated to say yes to her. So she hadn’t asked. She said she hadn’t dismissed the idea of asking me, it was still something in the back of her mind. But she obviously hadn’t done it.

I did ask, though. So her smile wasn’t just because I’d asked her about a date night, it was because she’d had the very same idea and she knew I felt the same way she had and all of that. I knew there had to be some deeper reason for a smile like that.

ANYWAY. I was like “Why would you think that?”, about how I’d feel obligated because I wouldn’t want to go. And she didn’t really have an answer. So I got to bring up the stuff I’ve talked about before, both here and with her, about how I think our relationship is bigger than “just” being mom and son. Which maybe isn’t sinking in so well with her after all.

But I basically said she was crazy if she thought I wouldn’t have wanted to. I said there wasn’t anywhere I’d rather be or anyone I’d rather be with than her. That got quite a smile too. And she said the same thing back, that there was nobody she’d rather be with than me. So hooray me!

Then we officially agreed on it. We’re gonna do something next Friday. I think dinner and then there was nothing really decided beyond that. But I said “It’s a date!” and she smiled and said she can’t wait.

And… that’s that. Like I said the other day, nothing’s going to happen. But I’m gonna spend a night out with the most gorgeous and amazing woman ever. I consider that a win.

Did you ask her on a date??? I'm dying to know! :)

Yes, I did.

I’ll post more about it later tonight/early tomorrow.

Is that a young Lisa Ann? In a dad daughter post?! YOU JUST FUCKING BLEW MY MIND!!!!!

Yes, it is.