Their Own Moms

Whaaaaaat? Who told you that?

Let me ask you this: If I'm not mistaken you've said your mom has a striking resemblance to Lisa Ann. There is a song I always play in my head when I see her, especially when she walks. My question to you is, if your mom had a theme song that just played when she walked, do you think it would be "Brick House"?

That song’s before my time so I don’t entirely get the reference. I think I’ve seen it used to refer to girls of differing body types too much.

Like for whatever reason I was under the impression it’s about like a thick girl with a big ass, but months back I remember seeing Christina Hendricks described that way. And she’s like an hourglass figure. Busty, slim waist, wider hips. So… I dunno.

If the song fits Lisa Ann I guess it would fit my mom too. I have said in the past that she resembles Lisa Ann, but only in the most general way possible. She has dark hair. She has big boobs. They have similar body types, that’s all. They don’t look alike. There is no resemblance. I wouldn’t have ever made that comparison if not for the regular requests I get to describe a pornstar and/or celebrity my mom looks like, which… there’s not really anyone that fits.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s another site that links here saying my mom looks like Lisa Ann, because I was clear when I said it that I only meant it in the vaguest possible sense. And it was several months ago. But the idea of them looking alike still shows up in asks and stuff fairly regularly. It’s strange. Of course, having Lisa as my avatar probably doesn’t help.

First off, this is one of the best blogs regarding someones love for there mom I've ever come across. I can definitely sense how genuine you are about it. While I'm not a guy who has wanted his mom in the same way, I can at least accept it. What I was wanting to ask was I do have a slight attraction to my cousin (I know, I know it's not the same as immediate family) but I was wondering if you or any of your followers might have any advice about approaching that subject with her?

I’m glad you like the blog, thanks. I guess my best advice would just be to flirt with her like you would with any girl and see if she reacts at all. If you get the right reaction, maybe have a “I know this is weird, but…” conversation.

But if anyone reading suggests something, I’ll post it. Not entirely sure when I’ll post it, though.

my mom told me that she wants to fuck me! should i?

Do you want to?

Hello, I love your blog. I wanted to tell you about something that happened recently.

I work as a security guard in an apartment complex. One night when I was working and watching the cameras, I saw that some of the residents were on the camera for the hot tub. I looked at the monitor to see the mother and son of one of the units. They were just talking to each other, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, the mother moved across the hot tub to where her son was sitting, and started making out with him. Not a little kissing, I mean full on making out. The son then stuck his hand in her bathing suit and started playing with her boobs, and she had her hand on his pants rubbing his crotch, all while still making out.

I suppose they weren’t too concerned with people coming in and catching them (it was about 1:30 am) but they seemed to have forgotten about the security camera. This went on for a few minutes, then (unfortunately) they got out and left for their apartment.

The dad was currently away for some reason, so I can only assume what went on back there. I won’t lie, it is the first time I have seen anything like that, and it was incredibly hot, I had to go to the bathroom and do some “stress relief” before my shift was over.

That’s awesome. I hardly ever get voyeur type stories where someone catches others in the act.

I like the stories u have about moms that do things to help their sons because their good moms. I'm not a good writer (can u tell lol) but that's how mine was. I still drop by my parents house a couple times a week to get a blowjob. If my dads home she will ask me to help her with something and we go upstairs so she can suck me off. I don't think anythings wrong with it. Its made us close. More moms should do it.

I’m sure most everyone reading would agree that more moms should do it.

BTW, I think the stories the question references are the “Above and Beyond” stories, which you can find under the incest stories tab. We’re always on the lookout for more of those. To the person who wrote this, would you be interested in sharing more of your story? I can help you try to clean it up if you want.

You know what pisses me off? I bet theres a bunch of johnny come lately newbies who only started to follow your blog in the last few weeks. They aren't gonna appreciate this. Some of us have been with you almost a year waiting for this to happen!

Fuckin’ noobs!

Don't know what the relationship is like between you and your dad, or between your mom and dad since they divorced, but how do you think he'd feel about you and your mom having sex?

My relationship with him is great. His relationship with my mom is friendly. In a big picture context I’m sure he wants nothing less than for both of us to be happy. Like most of the world, though, I doubt he’d approve if he knew why we were happy.

But even so, knowing him, if he somehow found out he’d probably just say it was none of his business.

Soooo you should try to have the rest of that story up in time for HUMP DAAAAAAAYYY!! Haha (tomorrow/Wednesday)

This came back before I posted part two of the story. But I’m posting it anyway because I thought it was funny. I like that commercial.



Multi part question post: 1- how is your bedroom laid out? Is your bed against the wall, and that's why your mom climbed over you, or does it stick out to the middle of the room and she was climbing instead of walking to be all sexy and whatnot? ;) 2- This might be in the next part, but, one of your earliest posts was about mom-boob being nurturing and feeling lightheaded at the thought of them wrapped around your cock. You had a chance to see if you can keep from passing out, yet? =P

She could have walked around to the other side of my bed if she’d wanted to. But she was sitting on my bed talking to me at first, so climbing over me was probably easiest at that point. I guess the answer would be in the middle.

As for the second part, I don’t want to get into answering “Did you do this, this, or this?” type things at the moment. If I feel comfortable mentioning something, I’ll put it in while I describe what happened.

Do you smoke weed?


I love the first gif that posted while you were gone. The hot mom in the red dress with the captions of "you're actually going to fuck her". I noticed it's pretty popular with over 1200 likes in a month. But there isn't a reference to incest (the "Oh, Mom!") until the very last frame, and it isn't visible the whole time. My question is do you think there are people liking it that didn't even notice it's an incest gif? I'm not sure why but I like the idea of it catching them off guard.

I’m glad you liked it. I know there are some people who didn’t realize it until the last frame, because I got a few messages to that effect. Such as:

lol the dude’s mom? that’s fucked up dog

At least I’m assuming that was in reference to that gif. But anyway, I’m sure there probably are some people who never noticed.

what are kegels??

Exercises that strengthen muscles in the vagina. If you need more info than that, you’ll have to ask Google to further illuminate you.

I can verify everything you said about kegels. Not only do I have orgasms easier than I used to, they're much stronger than they used to be. I also squirt very easily now. God, the fun you two must be having. I'm so happy for you!

Thanks. :)

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but she said the same thing about them being a lot stronger. And they can definitely make things wetter.

Have you ever had sex at work?

No, but I once got a beej at work. And the very next day, for completely unrelated reasons, the girl got fired. So that was kinda weird.