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Another summer job post.

Reader Questions - July 19th

Here we have a veritable smorgasbord of questions. Like over 40.

The mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There’s never a letup, it’s relentless. Every day it piles up more and more and more, and you gotta get it out but the more you get out, the more keeps coming in! And then the bar code reader breaks! AND IT’S PUBLISHER’S CLEARINGHOUSE DAY!

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It’s funny… I always thought Mom would be mad if she ever found all the incest porn on my computer.

Reader Story: As A Mother, As A Woman (Chapter 2)

The story we started last Sunday continues. If you missed the beginning, go catch up on Part One. Then come on back for the next chapter.


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A reader writes:

you have lots of posts from girls saying their scared to tell their daddies how they feel. girls, you don’t need to say a word! go into his room. make sure he’s watching you. take off your clothes and get in his bed! trust me, he will get the hint. it worked like a charm for me :)

You know… I can see how this strategy might be successful.

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmy mom is hontttttttt lovky you blog, big fank 4 real

At the end of a long day, shouldn’t every mom be greeted this way when she gets home? I certainly think so.

Reader Story: As A Mother, As A Woman (Chapter 1)

Here’s a story for Sunday, as submitted by its author Snizzlefit. It’s a mom-son story… but maybe with a brother-sister element too. Perhaps that will come into play later. By “Chapter 1” I’m assuming we’ll see more, although I don’t know that for sure.

Still, the story doesn’t leave you hanging. And it makes you want to see what’s next. Always a good combo, I say.


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Happy Fourth of July! Again.

Happy Fourth of July!

Site notes

If you submit a story here and you’ve posted it on other sites before, please mention that you’re the author when you submit it. Over the last few weeks I’ve had some people send in stories that are on sites like Literotica, and I don’t know if they’re sending in stories they wrote themselves or if the stories are someone else’s. I’m not going to post something here if it’s not with the author’s consent. They should have a say in where their stuff goes and at least be able to have their name attached to it if they want.

So if you have submitted your own story, please let me know. If I never hear back about certain stories, I’ll assume it wasn’t the author who sent it.

I’ve also gotten some stories over the last month or so that were all sent by one person. But if I’m understanding him right, he doesn’t actually want me to post them. That’s fine if that’s what he wants, but I want to make sure I didn’t misunderstand. To that person, if you see this and you do want them posted, let me know. Your name won’t be shared or anything.

That’s all for now.

Please tell me that guy who wrote in is going to share more of his story!

He is. He wasn’t sure what details we’d want to know, so I asked him several questions. It might be in more of an interview form than a story, but hopefully I’ll have it soon.

A reader’s tale:

Ever since the divorce, my mom and I lived in a small flat, mainly consisting of her bedroom and a livingroom-kitchen-thing, where I sleep.

There is only a door between her room and mine and it’s always open because of our cats.

One night, we had been drinking a little bit, we decided to call it a night and go to bed. I was still on my phone a bit, when I could her her grab one of her toys and a bit later, moan quietly.

I got so incredible hard instantly and just felt such an incredible urge to touch myself. I kept as quiet as I could, but as she began breathing faster, nearing her orgasm, I just couldn’t help myself and came lots.

We didn’t speak about it the next day. She didn’t even act awkward or anything, as if she was not aware of it. I thought of it as a one time incident, but I guess I was wrong.

That evening, she said she had a headache while watching TV, so she went to bed. I went too and just a bit later, I could hear her moan again, a little louder this time.

I felt so aroused again and began stroking myself again. This time, I wasn’t so silent. I was sure she could hear me breathing heavily.

This went on for a few nights now. She is moaning really hearable and so am I. I think we both know we mastrubate to each other, but I don’t know what now.

I personally know a mother-son couple, and have known them for years now. He’s now in his 30’s, and she’s now in her 50’s. She is still a very attractive, charming, and engaging woman. All I see is two very intelligent people living and loving together. They’re happy, and they seem to get along better than most couples I know who aren’t related.

I so wish our modern society would get this notion of incest being wrong or sinful out of the way. We do not live in the middle ages, under the inquisition. Incest has been “practiced” for thousands of years, and it isn’t likely to go away for thousands more. As long as two people are mature enough to consent, what business do we have telling any two individuals they aren’t allowed to love one another?


If you don’t mind answering, how did you come to find out they were a couple? Or that they were mother and son?