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what about for the anniversary people send you the hottest no holds barred questions they can think of?

Do I have to answer them?

This seems to imply that people are currently holding back and haven’t yet asked the hot ‘n dirty questions that are on their minds. That’s not really an impression I’ve gotten, though. But I guess some people could be holding back on asking things, just to be polite maybe.

If anyone has such a question they haven’t asked, go ahead and send it. If I get enough maybe I’ll have a super hot reader questions in the queue while I’m gone.

for your two year anniversary of the blog, you could post a load of comics and GIFS and such! Congratulations by the way man!

Thanks. I’ll have a bunch of stuff queued up for when I’m gone, so that will basically happen. Just not all in the same day.

Hey, love your blog. i'm trying to get one up and running too, so a shout out would be awesome. thanks.


Hey there I'm really into mature women god they turn me on I have been since I had a wet dream about my mom I'm not attracted to her but unf any older woman god yes can you give me a shout out and maybe if there naughty enough they can get my kik ;)


I'm very new to tumblr. How does a SHOUTOUT work? Could I get one? I don't know if anyone has seen my tumblr :(

The way a shoutout works is that someone asks for a shout out and I post SHOUT OUT in bold just like that. Or sometimes it’s all one word. It’s however the mood strikes me. But the bold is the key.

Then people who see the shout out will hopefully go visit your blog, and if they like it they’ll probably follow you. So…


hey man

i wrote in awhile back and i figured id follow up because stuff is crazy, so last time i told you about how i found my championship football jersey in a box under my moms bed with her dildo also inside. Well she came home a few nights ago from her trip and i still have a few more weeks of break before its back off to college so im still here.

anyway.. last night after coming back from the gym i went up to my room to grab some clean clothes so i could take a shower (i shower in the basement due to a broken shower head upstairs) so as im grabbing clothes i hear my moms voice , its faint but i assumed it was her talking to me ( boy was i wrong) so i walk over to her room and open the door , but right before i could say anything i saw my mom on her bed masturbating with her dildo, while wearing my old jersey it was the most amazing,shocking , and lust driving thing i have ever seen and thankfully my dumb ass didn’t open my mouth so i was able to enjoy it for a solid minute before i was driven crazy and had to sneak out of the doorway to go jack it in my room.

currently i have no clue if she knew i was there because she had her back to me , and im hoping the same situation happens again so i can see if it could go further, oh and it turns out all she was saying was “oh… damn baby, oh yeah , oh” so not sue if that has to do with me but im willing to bet it might due to the jersey.

anyway im so freaking amped right now because i’ve always found my mom extremely attractive and i love her like crazy, both in a typical and romantic way. anyway im feel like my greatest dreams are now a possibility and its like the greatest feeling ever.

I know that feeling! It’s the best.

So she’s wearing the jersey? Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like that. Well, I’ve heard of guys putting on women’s clothes and doing that. I guess it stands to reason girls would too.

Any ladies feel like sharing about this? Have you ever worn the clothes of a guy you were jilling it to? Or could there be some other reason she’s wearing it?

Hey there, Snizzlefit (author of As A Mother, As A Woman) here! I thought I'd do you the courtesy of letting you know that my story is done for the moment. I've decided to leave it at this point until I can come up with a proper continuation. So for the foreseeable future I won't be adding more chapters to this story. Sorry if that throws a wrench in your desire to have a weekly story.

No worries. Thanks for letting us know the story is done for now.

Hey could you give me a shout out please. I'm new to all I this and I'm curious what other people think and have done and all. Thank you!!

You’re welcome.


Hey, my account was deleted but now I'm back - incexxx2 tumblr com


I’m looking for a dominant mommy. My kik is Asgardian170. Love your tumblr.
Can u kik me buckmark2
I’m looking for a mommy to play with can you help me find one? Kik metalshroomy
I don’t mind shouting out to people’s kik accounts and whatever. If this blog can help bring readers together, that’s pretty cool. But from this point on, I’m only going to do it en masse like this and only when I have multiple ones to post. I’m not going to do them one at a time and clutter people’s dashboards just with kik shoutouts.

So keep in mind that if you send it, it may be a while before it gets posted.

Shouldn’t every guy get to do this to his mom’s face? At least once? Like a rite of passage?

Exciting site news!

OK, it’s not really exciting, but I needed a title for this post.

Here in about a month or so is the TWO YEAR anniversary of this blog! I know, can you believe it? Where does the time go?

I’ve been trying to think up something interesting to do to celebrate it and…….. I’ve got nothing so far. So if you have any ideas, feel free to send ‘em in.

In other news, this seems like a good time to mention that, just like last year, I will be going away again at the end of the month. Or more specifically, we will be going away again. Only this time I have plenty of notice. You won’t even notice I’m gone. But I just thought I’d mention it.

That’s all for now. Hope you have a good Friday.

nahright09 submitted:

love the blog…a friend of mine has supplied me with his first two experiences and i’ve posted them with his permission on my site.  I hope you get a chance to check them out

I will definitely check ‘em out. As will others, I’m sure. Thanks for the links.

Is that Monica sweetheart?

I’m not sure who you mean, but no, it’s not. I’ve never used her in anything. Although I really should.

And this gives me a chance to remind everyone that there’s a source list where all your “who’s that?” or “where’s that from?” questions are answered.

Could you give my kik a shoutout please it's Groovy_Ian