Their Own Moms
A few questions: 1. Are you still calling her Mom all the time or are you changing to call her by name? 2. Not to throw cold water but has it hit that maybe when she's 85, she may need to live in an assisted living community and you'll be too young to live there. What then? 3. How are you going to explain later on that you're always living in the same city/place as Mom? Age 30 is one thing, but age 40, it will seem strange to any of your or her long time friends not to mention family.

1) I still don’t call her by her first name. I have kinda started calling her like “Beautiful” and stuff like that, as if it was her name.

2) I’m not really thinking 40 years down the line. 30-35 max, that’s as far in the future as I can plan..

3) I guess maybe it depends on the city, but I don’t see living in the same city being weird. My mom’s siblings lived near her parents. My dad lived near his. That doesn’t concern me at all. The place we’ve discussed moving to, I don’t think anyone would find it strange if we both happened to live there.


That’s another dent in the questions. There’s still plenty more, but I gotta stop for now.

What's your favorite thing to do in bed with her?

I imagine you were looking for something sexual, but honestly, it’s just holding her to me really tight. And putting my face in her neck and breathing in really deep. And staying like that for as long as possible.

The naughty stuff would be a close second, though.

First let me say I think it is fantastic how things worked out between you and your mom.  It was also very courageous of you to share your story. I personally would likely not have the nerve act has you have.

For some time I wanted to post a short situation from my life but never have. Well I had some free time so I figured I throw it on your blog. When I was growing up I lived next door to a very sexy woman. When I lived next door to her I would see her all summer sunbathing, sometimes with her son who was only a few years older then me. I was always jealous  of the dude has he seemed to  have the ladies all over him.

Well a few years back my sexy neighbor and husband got divorced. It was not unexpected as her husband and his Dad was a real SOB that cheated on her on a regular basis. After the divorce, my neighbors son seemed to be home allot more often. I used to see them together hanging out all the time. I did not think much of it as I figured he was home to support his mom after a rough divorce.

Well to make a long story short, one day my mom had a friend of hers over the house to hang by the pool.  Since she and my mom both are pretty hot I decided to hang around the house that day in the hopes of getting a few good peeks. .While I was grabbing one of those peeks, I heard something that really caught my interest. I my heard my mom telling her friend that she thought that beyond other things one reason for the divorce was that her hubby caught her having sex with their son!

The shock was my mom and her friend laughed about it, with my moms friend even saying who can blame her given her situation. Plus she added with a stud like that around the house who could resist temptation and if she had a son who knows what she might do!. I fully expected my mom to say how crazy that sounded but to my surprise she laughed and said I know what you mean.

Since that time four years ago have the biggest fantasy about my mother as well as thinking of other guys with their moms. Despite a very close relationship with my mom and being  23 years old I have never had the nerve to try and see if there could be more too our relationship. Yes I teased and made some sexual innuendo on a regular basis, And she has responded very cool to it and has done the same but despite that this is the most we have taken it.  For now I a cool with the simple fantasy.

That is why I enjoyed your story so much as I got to live a bit through you.  Best of luck and I am so glad it worked out as it did for you!

I appreciate you sending that in, thanks. I think a lot of people would probably kill to be in your shoes, that you actually heard your mom talking about it and it didn’t seem to bother her. That would kinda take some of the fear out of trying something, I would think. But if you’re good with having the fantasy, that’s all that matters.

Let us know if anything ever happens, though.

daaaym luv a hot chocolate mama. u ever had a sista brah?

Well, with a blog like this, there’s more than one way to take that question. I don’t have a sister. So in that respect, no. I’ve never been with a sister.

But I’m thinking you probably meant have I ever had sexual intercourse with a female who happens to be black. In that case, yes. The girl I lost my virginity to, in fact. I think I told that story once. We’d been friends forever and I was at her house and she was like “Wanna do it and not be virgins anymore?”. And I went “Hmm. All right.”

It wasn’t just that once, we used to do it a lot. But yes, I have. I’m assuming the hot chocolate mama in question was from these gifs, BTW. And I would fully agree with that assessment.

Have you and your mother discussed you and children? If so are you willing to share any of those thoughts? If I recall you have said that your mother is unable to have more children. How does your and her intention to be monogamous with each other impact any desires you may have had to start a family? Did you ever have thoughts about children? Did your mother ever think about grandchildren? Have these thoughts changed since you have started this new relationship?

I have a lot of questions about this subject in my inbox, so I’ll try to respond to all of them here.

I did touch on it a little bit at the end of the trip saga. And it is something that bothers her a little. She says being a mom is the best thing she ever did and she feels bad I won’t be able to have a similar experience.

As for me, having a family isn’t something I’ve ever given a lot of thought to. I’m only two years out of college. Not to sound all traditional, but I hadn’t been with a girl I was even thinking about marriage with, let alone kids. I also think a large part of me would be scared to death having kids.

From my outside non-parent perspective, it seems like for the first five years of a child’s life the parents are responsible for the overwhelming majority of its safety and well-being. Then you push them out into the world with school and all. And at that point you have to trust society with their safety for a large part of the day. You can’t hover over them at every moment or it’ll probably stunt their emotional development. All you can do is hope that society will function like it should and nothing horrible will happen to them. Even though we hear stories to the contrary every day.

And you do this knowing all the while that if something bad did happen, it would ruin your life and possibly break you irreparably. I don’t know how people do it. I don’t know if I’m mentally or emotionally strong enough for all that.

But all that aside, being with her is what I want more than anything in the world. Even if having kids was the #2 thing I wanted in life (and it’s not), it would lose out to #1. Being with her is all that matters. I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep if it means I won’t have kids.

So over Christmas, did you and your mum do anything with any other family members? I'm just asking because you may have had to hide what was going on with you and her, and I was wondering how that went. Like was there any close calls or did everything go well? Actually, has anything like that happened maybe around your's or her friends where they noticed something was going on? Thanks for answering if you get around to it :)

We did see some family around then, but everything was fine. It’s not like we’re gonna make out with relatives in the next room or anything. We can control ourselves.

The only thing I can recall that would rise to anyone “noticing” something was when we got back from the trip and she went back to work. A friend of hers told her she looked refreshed and had a glow. And she said something like “If I hadn’t known it was a family trip, I’d think you spent the whole time getting laid”.

Do you think you could give me a link to the stories?

The stories people have sent to the blog? They’re under the incest stories tag.

Hey I love your blog but I just wanted to know when you will post the rest of the comic with Walter?

This one? (Part 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6)

It’s all there. I don’t think Walter will be back for any sequels.

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Any chances of another brother sister post sometime?

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How about grandma or grandpa posts?

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Blog feedback presented without comment.

Except to say that if you want to ask “Who is that?”, just message me from your account so I can reply to you. And “Butt sex is gross” just randomly showing up in my inbox was pretty funny. I’m not even sure what it was in reference to.

I feel like I know quite a bit about you from reading your blog, and if this is too personal that's fine, but do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

I’m not sure how to answer that, to be honest. I’m not really spiritual in a religious sense. I’m more of a hoper that something exists in that realm than a believer that it does. And I know a few people who are spiritual in the sense that they think they’re one with the trees and all that. That’s definitely not me.

I would describe me as…. someone who tries to be good to people, especially the ones he cares about. That probably doesn’t rise to “spiritual”, though.

From some of your early writing I got the feeling you weren't very happy that you had to move back home after college. Would you say that's accurate? I was surprised because I would have thought you would be excited about being so close to your mom every day. Also, how did she react to you moving back home?

I’d say it’s accurate. I wasn’t all that happy about it. Nobody wants to leave the nest and think they’re on their way, only to realize there’s no jobs, their degree is about worthless, there’s nothing to do but go back to where you started.

And then as it relates to my mom, in my heart I loved the idea of being around her every day. But in my head I figured it would be torture. Constantly being reminded of how perfect she is and thinking that what I wanted most could never happen. As it turned out, moving back home was the best thing I ever did. But I never could have imagined that at the time.

As for her reaction, I think she knew I wasn’t really excited about it. So she kept herself pretty even. But the first night I was back home we went out to dinner and stuff, and after we got home she was like “I know you’re not thrilled about this but I’m soooooo excited you’re home!!!” and gave me this huge hug. It was like she hadn’t wanted to act excited because she knew I wasn’t, but she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Knowing she was so happy to have me home made me feel a little better, because at least I knew I wasn’t inconviencing her or anything.

When you wrote about your future plans and how you might move in a few years, you said your mom had done most of the talking when the two of you discussed it. Then you said you liked that because it showed how much she was thinking about it. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but was the reason you liked that because it showed she's as commited to this as you are? I guess my question is do you sometimes worry she might not be as commited as you are?

I really don’t. I don’t worry about that at all. But when something like that happens that proves how committed to it she is, it’s definitely a good feeling.

What is your favorite incest gif?

Of the ones here? I honestly don’t have a favorite.

Favorite reader stories?

That’s kinda like a parent picking their favorite child. I greatly appreciate everyone who’s sent in a story, I don’t want to single some out above others.

But… I’m sure none of them will hold a grudge if I highlight the one story here that’s told by a mom.