Their Own Moms

This is another video from the good people at Taboo Handjobs, which they uploaded for free to Xhamster. Be sure to check out their site and support ‘em.

Unlike most of their stuff, this isn’t a scene depicting naughty behavior in an immediate family. It’s a guy and his sister-in-law, his wife’s sister. But technical lack of incest aside, it’s still quite hot. So I thought I’d post it.

What's been the most interesting or surprising thing about doing a blog like this?

Well, probably the amount of people who follow it. It’s pretty mind-boggling. And I’ve talked about this before, but specifically the amount of girls who follow. I never imagined this blog appealing to girls at all. So that’s been pretty surprising.

But that aside, I’d say it’s the amount of support I’ve gotten. I get several messages a week from people who say they can relate to having the feelings I had and that they’re happy for me and all that stuff. And some of them are people who don’t read blogs like this, so they’re not predisposed to be encouraging of it. But they happened to find it and started reading and wanted me to know they were supportive.

Then there’s people who just found the blog and tell me they’ve never had these sort of thoughts or fantasies, and they were surprised to find out how turned on the stuff here got them. That’s pretty cool too.

I’d say those are the top things.

Could you give me the first four parts about your trip together? I can only find the 5th one.

They’re all under the about me tag. The 5th part is the second post there. The 4th post is right below it and so on. Just scroll down a bit for Part 1.

But just to make it easy: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Submitted by eroscott:

I just found your blog via Private Family Time. I wasn’t aware that there were many incest-related blogs on Tumblr. From your site I found Our Family Fun. Many of the photos I post I give a mom, family, incest caption to. I’ve never had an incestuous relationship, but like Our Family Fun said, the thought of families fucking is a big turn on. 

I write consensual adult incest erotica professionally. If you are interested, I write under the name (like my Tumblr blog) Eroscott at Literotica, which is a free site, if you don’t mind reading off your computer. I also write under the name E.R.O. Scott, at Lot’s Cave, which sells e-books. Lot’s Cave also distributes to Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, and Barnes & Noble, among other sites.

My philosophy is that consensual adult behavior that does not violate the rights of others is our inalienable right. That would include incest.

Happy blogging and keep up the good work.

Thanks, I’m sure people will check out the links. There are lots of incest blogs, BTW. You can see a big list of them here.

Speaking of shoutouts…

It’s been a while since I plugged the Sydnee Steele blog. If you like sexy milfs with well toned bods, you should give it a look. Here’s some examples from recent posts.


So after what I said yesterday about how it would be tedious tagging all the shoutouts I’ve made, a reader sent me links to all the relevant posts. Well, at least all the ones that say “shout out”. Some posts where I linked to other blogs without using that exact phrase might have fallen through the cracks. So if you notice one, let me know.

But how cool was that? And this after some readers helped me put together the source list.

You guys are awesome.

Could you give my blog a shout out? I love your blog and trying to get myself started and this would help greatly. Thanks :)


You ever think of adding a shoutout tag to your shoutouts?

I have, but the act of going back through everything to find them all and tag them sounds somewhat tedious.

The idea of a girl working for her dad and getting it on in his office is one I get requests for from time to time. And I’d say a majority of the requests have come from girls, which I’ve always found interesting. Maybe if any of them have a minute they can drop me a note to explain why that specific fantasy does it for them.

But while I think there’s been some comics like that, I don’t think I’ve done any gifs about it. And as I was looking through office type scenes, somehow I got the idea of doing ones about girls working for their dads for the summer. Like while they’re home from college or whatever the case may be. I liked something about the temporary aspect of summer. Like it’s just a stage or a phase. “Aw, that was the summer I spent bent over Daddy’s desk. Such great memories!”

Anyway, that’s just a long winded way of saying there will be more with the summer job theme over the next few months.

Reader Story #10: The IT Guy

It’s not a very long story, but it kinda fits with a theme I had in mind for some posts over the summer months. The first one will be up tomorrow.


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Reader Questions - May 22nd

This batch includes stuff about Mother’s Day. Dads with foot fetishes. Kegels. Moms wanting their sons to watch them in action. Sound fatherly advice. TV shows. GIF suggestions. A tiny update on my future life plans. And so much more!

BTW, if you’re new here, I hope you saw this post from earlier.

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I’ve gotten several hundred new followers just in the past two days. That’s a lot for such a short time. You guys know this is a blog about family members doing it with each other, right?

I’m just checking. Because if you didn’t, it’s gonna get awkward around here.

Be back tonight with a new batch of reader questions.