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I’ve mentioned before that I like the fantasy of a guy jacking off on his mom. But I’ve been trying to think about WHY I like it. I mean, wouldn’t getting a blowjob and cumming on her face be better than just jerking off on her?

But I think I figured it out. First, let me quote what I’ve said about it in the past.

In particular, I’ve always liked the idea of a guy jerking off on his mom. Where he does all the work, his mom just sits there and lets him do it. The idea is obviously filthy and lewd, but maybe it’s not technically incest since nobody’s actually touching anybody.

I picture a mom who isn’t willing to jerk, suck, or fuck her own son. Maybe she’s not comfortable with it yet, though she’ll get there in time. Maybe she’s just a prude.

But since she wouldn’t have to actually do anything to him, she’s somehow able to rationalize the idea of getting down there, watching him jerk off right in front of her face, and then taking his load like a champ.

She’d probably only do it on special occasions though, you know? His birthday. After he aced his math test. Stuff like that.

OK. I think the reason I like it is that your mom is really the only woman who this scenario would work with. Imagine having this conversation with any other girl.

You: So… I was thinking. How about you letting me jerk off on your face?

Her: Um. OK. Then what, we’re gonna fuck?

You: No.

Her: You’re gonna go down on me?

You: No.

Her: You just want to jack off on my face?

You: Right.

Her: And I get nothing out of it?

You: Right.

Her: *punch*

It doesn’t really work. Sure, some girls would let you do it. But they’d also let you do a bunch of other things to them too.

In the scenario I described, though, jacking off on your mom is literally ALL you can do. Of course a blowjob would be better, but it’s not happening. Mom’s not going to suck or jerk it for you. That would be wrong! She’s your mother!

But… you’re a good son. And she knows how bad you want to do it. And you DID wash all the dishes and mow the lawn. So, yeah, she’ll get down on her knees and let you shoot your load on her face. “But don’t think we’re going to make a habit out of this, young man!”

I just find the whole idea insanely fucking hot.

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