Their Own Moms
Above and Beyond. Part 1.

As you may recall, we’ve had some discussions here about the idea of moms who go “above and beyond” their motherly duties.

We’re not talking about moms having full-blown sexual relationships with their sons. We’re talking about moms who, one way or another, play a role in helping their sons get off. Like it’s part of their job, part of being a good mom.

For me, such a notion is purely a fantasy. But it seems that some of you actually get to live in a world where your moms help you out in this manner. Fucking bastards, the whole lot of you.

But hey, my own jealousy aside, I’m interested in how this stuff comes about. How did it start? Did it change things between you? Stuff like that. And a couple readers have been kind enough to explain their situations.

Let me say again: this is from a reader. This is not my story. My mom has not done this for me, much to my great regret.


I started using my mom’s panties to beat off with when I was in high school. I would come home from school and find the newest pair in her dirty clothes. Then I would smell them and come in the crotch.

At first I only did it every now and then. But I loved the way they smelled and I started doing it more often. Before long, I was doing it every day.

After I would come, I would take some of her dirty clothes out of the basket, put the panties in, and then drop the clothes I took out back on top. I thought this was good enough to hide them so she wouldn’t notice. I was wrong.

She eventually talked to me about it. She said she wasn’t mad, it was something boys did. She had known all along and hadn’t planned on saying anything. But she’d been doing laundry that day and every pair of panties she put in the washer had been used. So she knew I was doing it every day. I’m not sure what she meant to accomplish by bringing it up, because we never got around to it. If I had to guess, I think she wanted me to slow down a little.

However, at the time I thought she was looking for an explanation. So I was honest. I told her I loved the way she smelled and that’s why I kept using them.

She blushed and said she didn’t mind if I enjoyed myself. But there were so many stained panties in the dirty clothes, she worried my dad might find them.

She suggested keeping them in my room after I used them, maybe under my bed. And she would get them when she rounded up the laundry. I agreed.

This talk happened on a Sunday. The next day when I came home from school, I went up to my room like I always did. Sitting there on my bed was a pair of Mom’s panties. I held them to my nose and realized they were fresh, like she had just been wearing them. I must have jacked off four times before she got home.

From that day on, every weekday, Mom would change her panties when she came home for lunch. Then she’d leave the dirty pair on my bed for me to beat off with. She’d give them to me on the weekends too and that was the best because I would get to jack off with them immediately.

We never talked about it. She just did it. The only time it ever came up was after my first year at college when I came home for the summer. She asked if I wanted our “little arrangement” to continue. I said most definitely I did. And every day I was home, Mom would leave her panties for me.

Beyond that, we’ve never done anything. But it was great having a mom who didn’t mind doing a little extra to “help” her son. I wish she was willing to do a little more, but I’m grateful for what I got.

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