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When I first posted that comment about suggesting blogs, I assumed the sender was looking for newer or more under-the-radar blogs. Not popular ones that everyone knows about. But that was purely an assumption on my part, and may be totally inaccurate. Besides, who am I to judge what “everyone” knows about anyway?

Not that it really mattered. Because like I mentioned before, nobody was actually suggesting anything. But the second post I made got some of you to start sending suggestions in. Here’s some that you probably know of already, but I fully recommend them too:

This next one would go right in that group too, but I’m singling it out because a few people have said that Annie writes about naughty stuff in the same “non-story conversational” type of way that I apparently do. And the initial commenter was more interested in the writings, if you recall. So make sure you check her out. You probably already have.

And here’s a pair of newer ones you might not have seen yet. They’re both well on their way. Get over there and follow ‘em!

This seems like a good mix for now. I might post more in the future if the situation warrants. In the meantime, go ahead and check out these sites. I’ll still be here when you get back. Maybe.

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